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Blazin’ Bullfrog brings the heat

In the next chapter of Fire Toad, Play’n GO turn up the temperature with Blazin’ Bullfrog.

A powerful creature harnesses a powerful secret. Following the epic tales of the Fire Toad, it turns out there is more to these magical creatures than first thought. Once the Fire Toad reaches the Gold Volcano, a transformation takes place. No longer a Fire Toad. Now, a mighty Blazin’ Bullfrog.

With the look and feel of a classic slot game, stacked symbols fill the screen and create the potential for multiple ways to win. Fast-paced and straightforward, this game is all about clear goals, very much reminiscent of Crystal Sun.

A simple and rewarding game. The golden Blazin’ Bullfrog jumps out on the reel, serving as a Wild Scatter. Landing one or more Bullfrogs triggers a Blazin’ re-spin where the Bullfrogs become Wild and expand to cover the entire reel on the re-spin.

Set inside the Gold Volcano, visually Blazin’ Bullfrog packs as much heat as Fire Toad. Clever uses of amber, red and orange radiate the heat of churning lava and bright stones, and mineral symbols pop on the reels. Head of Games Charlotte Miliziano said:

“We love to put our creative spin on classic games. It is a fine balance of engaging players with something new and exciting, and something familiar.”

Play Blazin’ Bullfrog today.




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