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An ancient adventure awaits

Aztec slots

Check out some of our favourite online slots at Play'n GO that have been inspired by the Aztecs and dives into the jungle where ancient magic lies in wait.

Keep reading to find out more about our Ancient Aztec slots and ancient magic-inspired games.

Contact, Aztec Slots


Set in a mysterious Mayan-inspired landscape, magical totems hold the secrets to an unearthly power.

A dynamic grid slot where symbols cascade to create winning combinations. Match five symbols to remove winning clusters.

Rotiki, Aztec Slots


Explore the rainforest to find the ancient burial place of a tribe leader, where his treasures are hidden waiting to be found.

Rotiki is a beautiful game that puts a new spin on the classic grid slot, which fans of Contact will love.

Aztec Warrior Princess, Aztec slots


Be taken to the golden age of the Aztecs.

The Aztec Warrior Princess may shower you with her riches if you believe in her power. Journey to the land of gods and serpents, worship at the bonus altar of the Princess herself, to gain her favour and be showered with riches untold.

Phoenix Reborn, Aztec slots


It is said, that a Phoenix will rise from the ashes and grant those in its presence a mystical fortune.

Visit the ancient Aztecs and join them as they reveal the treasure of the Phoenix




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