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The Amazing Selection of Asian-Inspired Slots at Play’n GO

Play’n GO is home to a huge variety of themed online slot games, from Greek and Norse Mythology to Sci-fi and Arthurian Legends. But one in particular has become increasingly popular over the years – Asian Mythology.

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Our catalogue of Asian Mythology games has grown alongside this interest from fans, and now we want to shine a light on the amazing titles we have that are inspired by Asian cultures and legends.

Keep reading to find out more and demo these games for free.

Folklore Slots

Asian cultures, being some of the oldest on the planet, are naturally ripe with mythology and folklore. We’ve chosen some of these exciting stories from Asian folklore, creating a selection of online slots to really spark the imagination of our fans.

First up, we have Monkey: Battle for the Scrolls. Based on the iconic Chinese story, Journey to the West, players get to team up with The Monkey King and his compatriots to reclaim the sacred scrolls from the forces of evil. Features include Free Spins, a Minor and Major Jackpot, and also unique character features throughout.

Monkey: Battle for the Scrolls screenshot

Stories of mythical creatures are commonplace in Asia. One in particular is the elusive Kyubi-no-kitsune, or Kyubiko, in Japanese folklore. In Tale of Kyubiko, one of these mythical creatures takes the form of a nine-tailed fox by the name of Inari, who invites players to follow her for a chance to share her treasures. But of course, these beings are often known for their mischievous behaviour, so it’s wise to keep your wits about you.

Said to exist in stark contrast to the honourable Samurai of old, the Ronin are masterless warriors operating in the shadows. However, in Ronin’s Honour, while our fearsome protagonist may lack the stoic nature and discipline of the Samurai, she serves as the noble protector of the land. Vengeance is the name of the game for this champion of the sword, and she will stop at nothing to find justice for her father, who fell at the hands of the daemon, Hannya.

Ronin's Honour screenshot

Modern Slots

Not all of our Asian-themed slots are focused on myths and legends, however. Many of our titles explore other fascinating aspects of Asian culture, combining them with exciting narratives and designs to create some truly thrilling slot games. Take a look at our more modern-themed games below.

This title is dedicated to the phenomenal artistry of tattoos in China. Traditional designs such as Koi, Dragons, Cranes and Daemons, appear across the reels set before the dark and mysterious establishment of Madame Ink herself. The Madame’s Mystery Reel and the Free Spins round can significantly improve win chances and add an extra sense of anticipation to the reels.

A lifestyle of luck, luxury, and lavishness is the vibe of Fu Er Dai. This term is often used to describe the “wealthy second generation” of China. Live a life of wealth in Fu Er Dai, spinning the reels to match pricey gold watches, sleek cell phones and other status symbols along the game's ten paylines. Complete with transforming Expanding Wilds, Re-Spins, and Win Spins to help boost your winnings.

Asian cultures today are highly regarded for their cuisine, and Japan is no exception. In the incredibly popular Slashimi, players visit Chef Jiro Miike’s renowned sushi restaurant and get a front row seat as they watch him prepare these delicacies. This culinary genius stands beside the reels as they spin, slicing up certain symbols with amazing accuracy and offering exciting Free Spins, too.

Slashimi screenshot

Prosperity Slots

The concept of seeking good fortune is often linked with Asian cultures. Naturally, we all have a desire for a prosperous life, however, this is directly interwoven through many cultures in the East. This ideology has very easily found its way into our catalogue of slots. Take our Wealth Series of games, for example. Titles such as Temple of Wealth, Celebration of Wealth, and Beast of Wealth have a strong focus on this concept and are popular choices for players that enjoy these themes.

A popular symbol of prosperity and abundance in Asia is the Buddha, with different variations being placed around the home for different reasons. The laughing Buddha, for example, is one of the more popular, symbolising good luck and prosperity. This joyful character is the focal point of Prosperity Palace, as players spin the reels, searching for the coveted Golden Buddha symbols to unlock the Free Spins round.

What screams prosperity more than a classy night at the Opera? More specifically, a night at the Imperial Opera? This unforgettable evening will have players shouting for an encore, as they’re entertained by four talented musicians. With the help of the Harmony and Crescendo features, players are sure to have a thrilling time at this resplendent opera house.

Across the Indian subcontinent and beyond, many worship this iconic elephant-headed deity. Known as the remover of obstacles and the bringer of good luck to many, Ganesha sits front and centre in Idol of Fortune. Packed with features including Free Spins, Wild Prizes, and Mystery Reels, Idol of Fortune is a great choice for fans of this genre.

This exciting title is perfect for players that enjoy the themes of prosperity and wealth. The aptly named Temple of Prosperity invites players to visit the home of Caishen himself, the Chinese God of Wealth. Making use of the Collector symbol, players can secure instant win prizes on the reels for some potentially huge wins.

Temple of Prosperity screenshot

If you love the look of these Asian-inspired selection of titles, or just want to see some of the other wonderful slots in our library, then click below where you can also demo these slots for free.




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