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It’s just Animal Madness!

Play'n GO Animal Madness online slot

19 May 2022 - Play’n GO let loose Animal Madness, the latest release to join their diverse content portfolio.

A farmer’s work is never done... From tending to your livestock to growing crops, it can be a little hectic keeping things in order. There’s always a job to be done at this madcap farm.

Animal Madness does an amazing job of replicating the hectic nature of farm life. Light-hearted gameplay progresses the narrative for immersive player engagement.

Farming and animal-themed games are popular amongst players and it’s easy to see why, a strong narrative with humorous characters who continually change before the player’s eyes. This fun farm-themed game is perfect for both enthusiasts and newcomers to grid slots. Features tie closely with the narrative and the goals are clear to follow as the symbols cascade. Spin. Match. Clear.

On entering the farm players will see a grid set against a barnyard backdrop with a sunflower at the forefront which isn’t just for decoration. Symbols form winning combinations which are removed and cause cascades and with every third cascade one of the sunflower features is triggered. As these play out the sunflower petals light up to show the players their progress.

There is already an abundance of animals that play their part on the grid, but one that we haven’t mentioned yet is the rabbit. The Rabbit Destruction feature is activated randomly on non-winning spins where one of three destruction features will play out to help the player clear the grid.

Progression is clear throughout the game, not only through the features but through design. Play’n GO’s designers have cleverly tied in the game’s animal theme with the artwork; crop symbols ripen and animals awaken as the game advances, much like life on a farm.

Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games at Play’n GO said

‘Animal themed games are as fun to make as they are to play, they naturally lend themselves to dynamic features like the Rabbit Destruction feature.

‘We already have quite the collection in our portfolio from deep-sea adventures like Octopus Treasures to farmyard frolics like Piggy Bank Farm and we can’t wait to show you more.’




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