Journey with the gods to wealth and fortune!


Viking Runecraft Bingo is a video bingo game. Activate up to 4 cards, that can be toggled ON/OFF by clicking on the cards individually. Press NEW CARDS to change the numbers on all the cards. Press PLAY to initiate the round. 30 balls will be drawn from a total of 90 balls. Winning combinations will be shown on the cards. All pattern prizes will be awarded when there are multiple patterns achieved on one card, however the highest pattern prize will be given only if any pattern is completely covered by the higher paying pattern. Trigger the EXTRA BALL feature after all 30 balls have been released, when only 1 ball is required to win prize equal to or greater than 12x the bet per card. The cost of each EXTRA BALL is specified on-screen. Up to 13 EXTRA BALLS can be purchased. The 13th extra ball is unlocked when only 1 ball is required to win a prize equal to or greater than 200x the bet per card. The GIFT OF THE GODS can be triggered randomly on 1st, 2nd and 3rd extra balls, this extra ball is free. Each Gods has their unique BONUS GAME, GOD OF THUNDER for THOR, GOD OF WISDOM for ODIN, GODDESS OF BEAUTY for FREYA and GOD OF VIGILANCE for HEIMDALL. BONUS GAMES triggered when the perimeter pattern is formed on the card. The active God will change after each trigger.

GOD OF THUNDER: A wheel bonus will be presented on this feature. The wheel contains 10 credit prizes. Spin the wheel to determine the prize. GOD OF WISDOM: A pick a prize bonus will be awarded on this feature. Selection of 8 revealed credit prizes will be presented, until 2 selections, with hidden credit prizes, remain to choose from. The 2 selections contain a low prize and a high prize. GODDESS OF BEAUTY: This feature is an instant prize bonus. It randomly awards a credit prize.

GOD OF VIGILANCE: A pick a prize bonus will be awarded on this feature. An initial 2 picks will be awarded from the total selection of 6. If selected a credit prize with “PICK ALL”, all the selections will be able to be picked. RAGNARÖK JACKPOT GAME prize is awarded when a BINGO pattern is achieved with 30 balls or less. To qualify for this feature, all 4 cards must be active with a minimum BET of 1 coin on each card. Match 3 symbols to determine the prize. Each God has their own symbol with corresponding prizes, the GOLDEN SYMBOLS of God currently in play will be the symbol for JACKPOT. The active God will change after each trigger. The RAGNAROK JACKPOT is a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT, it is only incremented by 1% x total bet if all 4 cards are activated and if the total bet is greater than or equal to 4. The RTP varies from {RTP_MIN}% to {RTP_MAX}% based on the number of extra balls and active cards. Maximum possible RTP can be achieved by playing with 4 active cards purchasing no extra balls. Maximum possible win varies from 3150 to 8300 x total bet based on the number of extra balls and active cards.



Release Date

10 Nov 2020

Game Type

Video Slot


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