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The Vikings are back!


Prepare for battle! 


This time, Thor, Heimdall, and Freya lead the battle to protect Asgard from evil forces invading their homeland in search of the ruby-red Rune Stone.  


With Ragnarök looming on the horizon, Thor and his warrior companions must tap into their inner strength and rise above the chaos to defend their land. 


Protect Asgard at all costs! 


These features are beyond mighty! 


In this game, players win by getting three or more symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically. 


The Win Multiplier 

Once a player collects a winning combination, the game will remove it from the grid. The remaining symbols will then drop down, which may lead to new winning combinations. This process is similar to the original slot game.  


If a player removes a winning combination of three symbols, a Rune Wild symbol will appear in the middle symbol location. Every time a new drop occurs, the Win Multiplier will increase.  

The God Power 

During non-winning spins, the God Power feature may be randomly triggered. The active God displayed on-screen performs a special ability to help create a winning combination. When the Thunder power is activated, one set of symbols is transformed into another symbol, increasing the chances of a win.  


When the Magic feature is activated, one or two Wild symbols are added to the grid, increasing the likelihood of creating a winning combination.  


The Vision Ability 

Two sets of symbols are eliminated from the grid during the Vision ability. At the beginning of the game, a God is randomly selected, with the order of Gods fixed as Thor, Freya, and Heimdall. Every time God's Power is activated, the active God in the feature changes.   



To trigger Ragnarök, fill the on-screen meter with winning combinations of God symbols or Wilds. The meter has three sections that add excitement to the gameplay.  

Choose a God to trigger Free Spins and activate their power on every non-winning spin. The Win Multiplier can increase to x100 and filling the meter grants additional spins. Clearing the grid, except during Ragnarök, awards players x50 the total bet. 


Join the fray and save Asgard!


This slot illuminates the grid with dazzling and detailed symbol work. Thanks to this slot’s immersive God-driven gameplay, players can expect new, explosive animations across the play table. From Ragnarök to the awe-inspiring Win Multiplier – this slot’s visuals go above and beyond as the features unfold.



Release Date

14 Dec 2023

Game Type

Grid Slot


Release Date

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