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Asgard awaits your aid


The devious Loki has switched his allegiance yet again, and this time he’s set his sights on the home of the gods. The gods are going to have their work cut out for them if they are to repel Loki and his forces bearing down on their home. It seems that they’re going to need some help...   


Viking Runecraft Apocalypse offers a multitude of exhilarating features that keep players on their toes while battling Loki and his army as they try to capture Asgard. From the Spirit Wild to the Ragnarök Free Spins, this game is as unpredictable as Loki's mischief itself. Hold on to your helmets, because this battle is about to get intense! 


Spirit Wild 

Acting like a standard Wild symbol, the Spirit Wild appears only from a win cluster and not through cascades. Collect four Spirit Wilds to unlock one of the four Gifts of the Gods features, each offering unique combinations of Wild symbols to enhance your chances of victory. 


Loki's Mischief 

Triggered when there is no win in a cascade or round, Loki's Mischief creates a cluster of 5 to 8 Mystery symbols that reveal a random symbol type, except for Wilds. Wins will only be evaluated if there is an adjacent symbol of the same type as the revealed symbol. 


Gift of the Gods 

Unlock the Gift of the Gods feature when the Spirit Wild collector has four Spirit Wilds. This feature randomly selects one of the following bonuses: 


Heimdall Adds 2 to 4 diagonal pairs of Wilds. 


Freya Adds 2 to 4 horizontal or vertical pairs of Wilds. 


Thor Adds 6 to 10 Wilds. 


Odin Adds 3 horizontal or vertical adjacent Wilds. 


Power of the Aesir 

As players enjoy the base game, they will fill the Runic Charge Meter at the side of the grid, earning one charge per symbol that makes up a winning combination. Activate the Power of the Aesir feature by filling the charge meter with 35 symbol wins. This feature randomly selects one of the following bonuses: 


Heimdall Transforms or destroys symbols surrounding 3 randomly selected symbols (Wild symbols cannot be destroyed). 


Freya Upgrades a randomly selected symbol to a higher symbol. 


Thor Destroys and transforms 6 to 10 random symbols. 


Odin Transforms all HPs into the same HP symbols. 


Ragnarök Free Spin 

When the charge meter is filled with 65 symbol wins this will trigger the Ragnarök Free Spin feature. The charge meter transforms into a multiplier meter, and all Power of the Aesir features are applied on every non-win cascade during the round. Spirit Wilds are collected but won't trigger any Gift of the Gods features; instead, they are reserved and added back to the grid at the end of the Free Spin, with up to 20 Wilds being collected. 


So, grab your battle-axe and sound your war horn, as you get ready for the battle-to-end-all-battles in Viking Runecraft Apocalypse.



The cunning trickster god, Loki, is known for his shape-shifting and deception. In Viking Runecraft Apocalypse, he takes centre stage as the primary antagonist. With his sights set on Asgard, Loki's mischief threatens the realm of the gods, challenging them to defend their home. 



As the guardian of the Bifröst, Heimdall's keen senses and unwavering loyalty make him a valuable ally in your quest to protect Asgard from Loki's schemes. With Heimdall at your side, you will navigate the treacherous battlefield and keep the forces of mischief at bay. 



The goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and war, brings her divine grace and power to your aid. As you join forces with the gods, she will assist you in overcoming the obstacles and trials Loki has set in your path, helping you create a winning strategy. 



The mighty god of thunder, and blood-brother to Loki himself, wields his incredible strength and legendary hammer, Mjölnir, in this battle of the ages. With Thor's power on your side, you will confront and overcome the devious trickster god, ensuring the safety of Asgard and its inhabitants. 



The Allfather and ruler of Asgard, Odin's wisdom and experience are unmatched. As you stand shoulder to shoulder with this formidable god, his guidance will help you outsmart Loki and restore peace to the realm of the gods. 



Release Date

01 Jun 2023

Game Type

Grid Slot


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