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 The Queen of the Cretaceous Returns!


Return to the Cretaceous period with Raging Rex 3, where you'll witness the legendary Raging Rex and her hatchlings in a race for survival against time and nature.  


This thrilling expedition takes you back to a time when the mighty T-Rex reigned supreme. Watch the Raging Rex stomp her way across the reels, bringing chaos and big wins in her wake. Just make sure you steer clear of her path of destruction!   


In Raging Rex 3, you’ll create winning combinations across the 6x4 reels with 4096 ways to win. You can earn a Way Win by matching symbols across the reels from left to right, with more symbols leading to higher rewards.  


During the base game, you’ll also get the chance to earn a selection of bonus features, all of which can increase the chances of you securing a big win. Bonus features include Re-Spins and Free Spins, with you getting to choose between three special features during the Free Spins: Feeding Frenzy, Hatchling Mania, and Survival.  


When the Rex stomps onto the reels, this feature will trigger. Depending on which reel the Rex lands on, a certain number of Re-Spins will be awarded. If the Rex lands on reel six, five Re-Spins will be awarded, and reduces in number down to one Re-Spin if it lands on reel two. Once the Rex appears, it will rampage along the reels from right to left on each spin.  


The Rex serves as a Stacked Wild, taking the place of any other symbols, except Scatters, potentially creating more winning combinations. During any Re-Spin, a Rex Hatchling Wild might also appear on the reels, becoming sticky and moving along the reels with the Rex. 


Free Spins 

You’ll trigger the Free Spins round by landing three to six Scatter symbols on the reels. Three Scatters will award seven spins, four Scatters will award nine spins, five will award 11, and six will award 13 spins. When the Free Spins round is triggered, you’ll then be prompted to choose one of three modes to enhance the round. 


Feeding Frenzy 

If you choose to start a Feeding Frenzy, the Raging Rex will appear and stay on the reels until the end. The Rex will walk to a different reel with each spin, hunting its prey. One of the four dinosaur symbols will be selected at the start of the round and will become the prey target. Should the Raging Rex walk onto a reel containing a prey target, the Frenzy Meter will be filled by one step. 


Each time the Frenzy Meter is filled, the Rex symbol will receive a multiplier depending on how much the meter was filled. The meter empties and resets on each spin. During this round, Wild hatchlings can also appear, although they aren’t sticky and will disappear with each spin. 


Hatchling Mania 

The hatchlings are learning to hunt on their own during this round! With no mother Rex to be seen, these hatchlings will drop onto the reels, becoming sticky and walking from reel to reel with each spin. Each hatchling Wild also has the chance of bringing with it a x2 or x3 Multiplier, too! 



Survival mode pushes the boundaries of traditional slots gameplay, taking the concept of Hold n Win and transforming it into a unique bonus game. This mode takes place on 12 individual reels surrounding a 2x2 Rex collector symbol. You're given 3 lives at the start, with a life being used each time you spin.  


Your mission is to survive for as long as possible, accruing wins through the Rex collector as you go. With 5 different symbols including four with cash values displayed as multipliers of your bet and one blocker, each spin presents a new challenge. With the reset of lives with each paying symbol landed, and upgrades to the value of symbols each time the Bone Meter fills, survival is an intense, high-stakes experience that truly tests your resilience. 


Will you manage to survive the hectic Free Spins round? Give it a spin and find out! 


The Raging Rex 

The Raging Rex is a formidable predator and a protective mother. This colossal dinosaur with her fearsome roars and terrifyingly fast speed embodies raw power and untamed ferocity. Together with her Rex Hatchlings, who are already showing their mother's hunting prowess, she presents a formidable force on the reels. The family dynamic of the Raging Rex and her brood adds a new layer of excitement to the game, as players root for the survival of these fierce yet majestic creatures. 



Release Date

12 Oct 2023

Game Type

Video Slot


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