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Fight the forces of evil and save the sacred scrolls!


The legendary Monkey King, Sun Wukong, and his valiant companions are going toe to toe with the forces of evil that plague the mythical world. Each of these four fierce and formidable fighters will battle demons using their extraordinary talents, in an attempt to relinquish control of the fabled scrolls. Now, it is up to you to guide these heroes to victory and secure these priceless scrolls so that their fearsome foes cannot misuse the power they possess. 


And remember – monkey see, monkey do – embrace the mentality of the Monkey King and follow in the footsteps of this mythical warrior. 


In Monkey: Battle for the Scrolls you will create winning combinations across the 5x3 reels with up to 7776 Way Wins. Earn a Way Win by matching symbols across the reels from left to right, with more symbols giving higher rewards. As well as these wins in the base game, you will also get the chance to unlock a number of exciting bonus features to further enhance those wins.  


Character Features 

As you spin the reels, demonic entities will appear to cause some havoc. But fear not! Should the Monkey King or one of his compatriots appear above a reel with a Demon symbol, they will swing in to exact their vengeance upon the hellspawn. Each of our heroes bring their own abilities to the battle which can all increase the value of wins significantly. 


The Monkey King’s Ruyi Bang 

With a mighty throw, Sun Wukong will launch his magical staff, Ruyi Bang, towards the sky before it plummets towards the reels creating stacked wilds on the reel to vanquish the demonic foe. 


Tripitaka Monk’s Spirit 

With their profound senses and devotion to unity, Tripitaka utilises his innate powers to transform a selection of random symbols into one type, creating more chances of Way Wins occurring.   

Pigsy’s Fortune’s Rake 

This cunning character makes use of his powerfully sharp rake to split random symbols across the board, increasing your chances of securing a winning combination. 


Sandy’s Wild Waters 

The chaotic nature of water is one that is to be feared as well as cherished. Having any form of control over the wild waves is not to be scoffed at. Sun Wukong’s aquatic friend Sandy has those exact powers. Launching a barrage of waves at the reels, Sandy transforms random symbols into Wilds, helping to create more chances for wins. 


Free Spins During the base game, you will notice Closed Scroll scatter symbols appearing on the reels. Should you manage to land three of these scatters, you will unlock the thrilling Free Spins round. You will then be given the chance to choose a hero to assist you during the round, with each giving you a different number of Free Spins as well as a different level of multiplier to go with it.  


Jackpots A percentage of all player bets will get added to a Minor and Major Jackpot above the reels. At random during the base game, the three middle reels can become highlighted, and the Jackpot symbols can appear on them. A progressive Jackpots can be claimed if you manage to land two Jackpot symbols for the Minor Jackpot, or three to win the Major Jackpot. 


With so many exciting features at play, this battle is surely to be one for the ages.  


Monkey: Battle for the Scrolls boasts an impressive array of symbols, each meticulously designed to bring a sense of wonder to the reels. Symbols include each of the main characters, as well as Golden Dragon Wild symbols and Demon symbols.  


When one of our heroic characters swoops in to battle one of these demons, an exciting animation will trigger, helping to demonstrate the chaos and urgency of our team’s plight. Set before a background of mythical mountains with temple pagodas atop, this thrilling slot game will make you feel as though you’re right in the thick of this adventure. 


Do you think you have what it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with these legendary heroes, and recover these ancient scrolls? Then let the battle commence. 



Release Date

26 Oct 2023

Game Type

Video Slot


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