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Sound the drums of battle!


The Roman Empire continues to flourish, expanding across the Mediterranean with unstoppable ferocity. Across the frontiers, Legions clash with the enemies of the empire, vying for supremacy and fighting over gold and other valuable treasures.  


As the standard-bearer of your legion, you’ll help lead these brave legionnaires, and the ferocious beasts you’ve tamed, into skirmishes to secure more wealth for the Empire.


In Legion Gold Unleashed, you’ll spin the 5x3 reels as you lead your legion of soldiers to battle against the enemies of the Roman Empire. Fighting your way through hordes of foes, your legionnaires and vicious tamed animals will bring riches and glory to the Empire, including a number of special bonus features, too.  


So, raise your banner and sound the drums. Battle is upon us! 


Gold Re-Spins 

During the base game, if you land six Gold Coins on the reels, the Gold Re-Spins feature will activate, granting three initial Re-Spins and holding those first six coins in place. During this hold and spin feature, only Gold Coin Multipliers can land on the reels.  


Every time one or more Gold Coins fills a space on the reels, an extra Re-Spin will be awarded until either every space is filled, or all Re-Spins are used. Filling the reels will grant a huge x1000 multiplier. 


Mega Free Spins 

Land three or more Scatter symbols on the reels to unlock the coveted Mega Free Spins feature. During the Mega Free Spins, a huge 3x3 Mega Symbol will appear on the reels, spinning in unison with the other reels.  


This symbol will move randomly back and forth across the reels before settling, potentially creating some huge wins. The Gold Re-Spins can also trigger during Mega Free Spins if the Mega Symbol itself lands as a Gold Coin, granting nine coins in the Gold Re-Spins round instead of the usual six. 


Gold Bag 

During the base game and Mega Free Spins, if gold coins land alongside the Gold Bag, you and your legion will immediately scoop up the loot collecting all Instant Win Prizes at once, instantly paying out the total.


During your many skirmishes, spinning the reels will reveal designs influenced by this iconic period of history. Designs include Roman-inspired standard symbols as well as Gold Coins, Gold Bags, and the impressive beasts that have been tamed to fight alongside your soldiers.  


Are you ready to take the fight to the enemy and claim their untold riches for the Roman Empire? Then draw your gladius and raise your standard high. For the Empire!



Release Date

29 Feb 2024

Game Type

Video Slot


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