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Witness Hugo’s Legacy


Experience 30 years of Hugo in one slot! 


Hugo Legacy is the newest instalment in Play’n GO’s revered Hugo series. Bringing back familiar faces from previous slots such as Jean Paul and Don Croco, this title is a fun-filled love letter to the Hugo franchise.  


Pitting Hugo against the forces of evil once more, he needs your help to save the day. 


We’re not trolling, Hugo is really back! 


The Symbols 

Your goal is to clear the grid of Dynamite, Legacy Cap, Gold, Key, Diamond, or Character symbols to achieve a standard win. It's important to keep an eye on the Overcharge Meter, which can be filled to unlock powerful bonuses.  


The Charge Feature 

The slot features five characters with unique abilities that affect gameplay: Hugo, Jean Paul, Fernando, Don Croco and Scylla. 


A Charge feature is randomised when 15 Charges are collected by Hugo. The first Charge feature adds five to eight wilds onto the grid – the second Charge upgrades between two and five Low-Paying symbols to High-Paying ones.  


The third Charge sees Scylla protect one or two powerful Wild symbols, destroying the others as she applies her powers to the grid.   


The fourth Charge sees Fernando morph a symbol type into a powerful Wild. Finally, the last Charge feature sees Jean Peal capture symbols and duplicate them to make winning Clusters.  


Free Spins 

To unlock the five Free Spin tiers, you need to gather 35 to 50 symbols of Scylla and Don Croco. As you progress and collect more symbols, you'll unlock a range of interesting rewards related to Free Spins.  


The Gamble Feature 

Once you're in Free Spins mode, you can gamble your winnings if you want to take a risk and potentially earn even more rewards. You have the option to either stick with what you've already won or take a chance and experience the narrative. 


Are you ready to start your quest? 



The loveable three-toed troll that started it all. Hugo’s celebrating his 30th anniversary with his pals – and stopping Scylla once and for all. 

Jean Paul 

Hugo’s vehicle-loving right-hand-monkey who loves bananas... and a good party! 


Hugo’s loveable parrot pal Fernando is blessed with the abilities of flight and fight. It’s safe to say Scylla and Don Croco aren’t fans of him at all.  


Scylla the Witch is Hugo’s arch-nemesis. She uses magic to aid her in cooking up evil schemes.  



Release Date

10 Aug 2023

Game Type

Grid Slot


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