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Glory to the brave!


HammerFall is a 7x7 cascading grid slot.

Wins are achieved by getting 5 or more symbols in clusters. These are removed and new symbols fill up the grid. Cascades continue until no more wins can be created.

Super Tiles are highlighted random positions behind the grid on each spin, including during features. Winning on a Super Tile will create a Lightning Wild symbol on that position on the grid. The winning symbols in the clusters are removed as normal and the Lightning Wild remains on the grid for the cascade. Lightning Wilds can also have a random win Multiplier of up to x3 attached to them, which is applied to any further wins the Lightning Wild creates.

Winning combinations charge the Hammer Meter. 25 winning symbols will fully charge the Hammer Meter. When the Hammer Meter is fully charged it will trigger the Song Feature of the current World. There are 3 Worlds each with its own feature. Twilight Princess Song Feature adds a Mega Wild (2x2 size) to the grid. The Second to None Song Feature transforms all high-paying symbols to a matching high-paying symbol. If less than 5 high-paying symbols are on the grid, random low-paying symbol types are also selected to be transformed. The And Yet I Smile Song Feature destroys all LP symbols on the grid. Once a Song Feature has completed and all wins paid for the round, the game progresses to the next World.

If the Hammer Meter is overcharged with a further 25 winning symbols (a total of 50 symbols), it will trigger the Hammer High feature. This awards a free round where all 3 Song Features are awarded in succession. Once this feature is completed and wins paid for the round the game moves to the next World in sequence.

On random non-winning spins, one of 4 Destruction features may trigger. Never Forgive, Never Forgive selects one symbol, and then all symbols that match it are pulled towards it destroying symbols in their path. Bring It selects all high-paying symbols and will destroy or transform them into matching high-paying symbols. In One Against the World a symbol is chosen at random, symbols next to symbols of that same type on the grid are then either transformed to match it or are destroyed. Chain of Command creates a chain of symbols on the grid, they are then transformed into matching symbols or destroyed.

90 days of player inactivity will result in player progress within the game being lost.



Release Date

05 May 2021

Game Type

Video Slot



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