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Experience zero gravity!


Have you heard about Dr Toonz's latest experiment?  


The renowned doctor has managed to create a small one-eyed Gargantoon, which is the first of its kind. Dr Toonz intends to conduct a series of experiments on this lucky Gargantoon to introduce it to the Reactoonz society. This will result in generating unimaginable wealth and prizes. 


The question is, are you ready for more alien adventures?


Enter the lab and familiarise yourself with these inventions... 


Fluctuating Symbols & Quantum Wilds 

The objective is to eliminate five or more clusters of alien-themed symbols to achieve a victory.  


While playing on the grid, Wilds can replace any symbol. Additionally, a random symbol will fluctuate randomly during each round. If the fluctuating symbol results in a win, one to two Quantum Wilds may appear in the spot where the symbol was removed. In rounds where there are no wins, four to eight Quantum Wilds may be added randomly to the grid, significantly increasing engagement.  


The Experiments 

If there are no ongoing experiments, winning clusters will charge the Experiment Charger, which will cause objects to be launched into zero gravity. In this state, 20 symbols must be collected to fill the Experiment Charger. 


Gamma Ray Burst Experiment 

For the Gamma Ray Burst experiment, players should put on their goggles. Seven to nine Wilds will show up on the grid during this stage. If you land a winning Wild, it will count the symbols in its cluster before removing them. Furthermore, Gamma Ray Wilds will remove symbols after payout to fill the meter. 


The Black Hole Experiment 

In the Black Hole experiment, experience Zero Gravity with the addition of four to six Wild symbols on the grid. The clusters are counted until a win is achieved, and then the Wilds collect the adjacent symbols (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally) to energize the Experiment Charger. When three or more Wilds form a cluster, they trigger their space-tinged effect, leave the grid, and maximize overall potential. 


The Supernova Experiment 

In the Supernova experiment, three to five Wild symbols are added to the grid. Wilds that contribute to a winning cluster remain on the grid and move diagonally on each new cascade, if they don't intersect with other symbols.  


Prepare for deep space! 


Gargantoonz is a visually awe-inspiring slot placed over a deep blue backdrop, featuring cartoon-inspired sci-fi symbol work to complement the slots aesthetic and narrative pathos.



Release Date

30 Nov 2023

Game Type

Grid Slot


Release Date

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