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Claim the dragon’s gold


Step into this ancient dragon’s lair and witness his immense treasures. Many have tried and failed to claim just a portion of this mighty beast’s wealth, but will you be the one to succeed? Prove your worth and beat the golden dragon at his own game.  


Are you up to the task? 


After guarding this treasure trove for over a millennium, the dragon, Fulong, isn’t about to let just anyone take some for themselves. If any mortal dare step foot into this lair in search of a prize, they’re going to have to work for it. Spin the 5x3 reels and seek out bonus features to increase your chances of a successful heist. 


Only the worthy will be able to claim a portion of Fulong’s treasure. Will it be you? 


Golden Symbols and Gold Coins 

During the base game, all of the five higher paying symbols can be activated at the side of the reels, transforming all of their matching symbols on the reels into Golden versions. Each activated symbol will add to the bet placed but in return, boost their payouts by up to x25 of their standard values! 


Every Golden Symbol that is activated will also unlock one Instant Prize, winnable through the Fulong’s Fortune bonus feature. 


Fulong’s Fortune 

The Gold Coin Scatter can land on any spin during the game and has a chance to activate Fulong’s Fortune. This bonus involves revealing hidden prizes until three of a kind are found, with that prize being awarded. When a Gold Coin Scatter lands during the Free Spins round, however, Fulong’s Fortune is guaranteed to activate. 


Free Spins 

This round is activated by landing three Scatter Symbols. 10 spins will be given, and all low-paying symbols are removed from the game to increase the chances of hitting wins with more valuable symbols. During the round, Wild Symbols will always split, amplifying the potential of wins.  


Think you can brave Fulong’s lair and take his treasure for yourself? Then prepare yourself and prove your worth! 



Fulong 88 boasts some stunning aesthetics, both with its Asian-inspired backdrop and symbols. Showcasing a Chinese temple on a dark and mysterious night, containing Fulong’s unimaginable and closely guarded wealth. Alongside this, the transformation of the game’s high paying symbols from their colourful yet humble materials into glittering golden variants is truly a sight to behold. 


Want to get your hands on the dragon’s prized possessions? Then dive in and prepare for the challenge of a lifetime...



Release Date

02 May 2024

Game Type

Video Slot


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