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Join the Dansband Tour!


It’s the 1970s, an era where funky beats and flamboyant outfits ruled the dance floor. Take a trip back in time and prepare for a Dansband tour to rival all others! On this exciting musical journey to Malung, the heart of Dansband music in Sweden, you’ll embrace the rhythm of this iconic folk music and immerse yourself in the melodies as the bands spread joy and tunes wherever they go.  


Hej! Are you ready to join the fun and experience the unforgettable adventure of Dansband På Turné? Share in the moments of Swedish magic and let the music sweep you off your feet!


During the base game of Dansband På Turné, you’ll spin the 5x3 reels to the vibrant beats of the best Dansband music of the 70s, creating winning combinations of symbols that echo the era’s funky style. Ready to groove to the music and win big? Check out the exciting bonus features that await you on this musical tour of the past. 


Full Reel Wilds 

Throughout the game, there’s a chance that a Wild symbol could appear, and these Wilds will always fully occupy the reels, giving you a greater chance to hit those big wins. Featuring Dansband musicians, watch as these Full Reel Wilds light up the reels and boost your winnings! 


Spin Multipliers 

Each individual spin comes with its own randomised win multiplier. This means every spin gives an additional chance to score even higher payouts. Feel the excitement build as each spin brings the potential for greater rewards. 


Progressive Free Spins 

When you land the Malung Sign and the Sing and Bus symbols, you’ll trigger the Free Spins round. This will award 5 to 15 spins randomly, and the win multiplier from the base game will carry over. This multiplier then continues to build up progressively over the course of the Free Spins. The more the reels spin, the higher the multiplier, leading to some potentially massive payouts. Keep the rhythm going and see how high you can climb! 


Are you ready to head to Malung for the best Dansband music in the land? Then spin the reels and let the music take you on this thrilling audible adventure!



Dansband På Turné captures the essence of the 1970s Dansband scene with vibrant and nostalgic artwork. The reels are set against the backdrop of a tour bus, instantly transporting you to the lively era of colourful costumes and infectious beats. Each symbol on the reels reflects the theme beautifully, from musical instruments like the accordion and saxophone to the iconic Dansband outfits. 


The artwork in Dansband På Turné not only sets the stage for exciting gameplay but also pays homage to the beloved Swedish Dansband tradition, as well as Play’n GO’s Swedish roots. 


So, grab a seat and buckle up! It’s time to hit the road and head to Malung!



Release Date

09 Jul 2024

Game Type

Video Slot


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