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Will you reel in a winning catch?


It's time to get those lines ready and fix up your nets for the thrilling seafaring slot game, Boat Bonanza Colossal Catch! Drop your bait beneath the waves and reel in a bounty of deep-sea rewards of vibrant marine creatures and big win opportunities.  


With your two fishing boats at the ready, you'll cast your nets to snag Instant Win fish, and you might even land the legendary Swordfish! 


So, ready your hooks and chum buckets and chart a course for victory. It's time to see what the ocean has in store for you!


In Boat Bonanza Colossal Catch, you'll align symbol combinations across the game's 5x4 reels for a chance to bring in some big hauls. But beyond the regular wins, there's a whole ocean of special features to dive into. 


Fishing Boats 

Perched atop the reels, your humble fleet of two fishing boats eagerly await the chance to cast their nets. Activated at random, these vessels will haul in any Instant Win fish from the reel directly below them.  


And if both boats land on the same reel, prepare yourself for the big score – the Colossal Catch feature, which sweeps up all Instant Win fish symbols present on the reels. 


Free Spins 

The thrill of the chase only intensifies when you manage to land three or more Scatter symbols on your reels, unlocking the progressive Free Spins round. With each spin in this round, your fishing crews have their eyes on the prize and the fishing boats remain active and ready to net big wins. 


Should both boats align on the same reel, the Colossal Catch feature springs into action once again, catching all Catch Symbols on the reels and adding their value to the round's total. 


Colossal Catch Multiplier 

Exclusive to the Free Spins round, the elusive Swordfish symbol presents an exciting opportunity. If caught by one of the boats, it increases the Colossal Catch Multiplier meter above the reels, bringing along multipliers and additional Free Spins, furthering your chances of landing a truly colossal catch! 

 With these thrilling features, the bountiful coastline is teeming with exciting possibilities.


Boat Bonanza Colossal Catch showcases a vibrant array of marine-themed symbols, each carefully designed to immerse you in the world of deep-sea fishing. Symbols include an array of colourful standard slot symbols, as well as seagulls, harpoons, and anchors, alongside the legendary Swordfish symbol, Scatter symbols, and the Instant Win Fish.  


Whenever the boats haul in a catch, watch as an exciting animation triggers, driving home the thrill of the hunt. Set against a backdrop of azure waves and a pleasant cityscape along the coastline, you'll feel as though you’re bobbing atop the waves yourself. 


Think you’re savvy enough to track down the schools of Instant Win fish and make that colossal catch? Then grab your fishing gear, it's time to set sail!



Release Date

24 Aug 2023

Game Type

Video Slot


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