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The goddess Freya will grant her power to you!
The Faces of Freya
The goddess Freya will grant her power to you!

The Faces of Freya is 5-reel video slot machine with 20 paylines.

3 SCATTERS landing on the reels randomly trigger SPINS OF SORCERY, LOVE or WAR with 6 initial FREE SPINS. FREE SPINS play out with a single feature added, while each SCATTER adds +1 FREE SPIN to the total. SPIN OF SORCERY, LOVE or WAR can trigger if only 2 SCATTERS land.
SORCERY upgrades Shield and Axe, Large Cats and Wild Boar symbols into a higher value symbol. LOVE adds 2, 3, 4 or 5 WILDS randomly to the grid. WAR applies x2, x3, x5, x10, x20 multipliers to all wins.

4 or 5 SCATTERS landing on the reels trigger FOLKVANG the ultimate FREE SPINS feature, with 4 different levels to play through. SPINS OF SORCERY, LOVE, WAR and FOLKVANG come in a fixed sequence, one after the other, with a total of 18 or 19 FREE SPINS. The progression of SORCERY, LOVE and WAR are transferred into the grand finale of FOLKVANG. SPINS OF SORCERY, LOVE and WAR award 5 FREE SPINS each, and SPINS OF FOLKVANG award 3 or 4 more. 4 SCATTERS = 3 FREE SPINS, 5 SCATTERS = 4 FREE SPINS.

SPINS OF SORCERY is the first level in FOLKVANG. Shield and Axe symbols upgrade to Wild Boar symbols at the start. More symbols are upgraded with SCATTERS. 3 SCATTERS extend the upgrade onto Wild Boars. 5 SCATTERS extend the upgrade onto Large Cats symbols.

SPINS OF LOVE is the second level in FOLKVANG. The number of randomly added WILDS starts at 2 and builds up progressively to 5. The number of WILDS upgrade with SCATTERS. 3 SCATTERS raise it to 3. 5 SCATTERS raise it to 4. 7 SCATTERS raise it to 5.

SPINS OF WAR is the third level in FOLKVANG. Win multiplier starts at x2 and builds up to x20. The win multiplier upgrades with SCATTERS. 3 SCATTERS upgrade it to x3. 5 SCATTERS upgrade it to x5. 7 SCATTERS upgrade it to x10. 9 SCATTERS upgrade it to x20.

SPINS OF FOLKVANG is the fourth level in FOLKVANG. All features are combined with the progression achieved during SORCERY, LOVE and WAR. Symbols are upgraded and random WILDS are added to the reels, while the win multiplier is applied to all wins. SCATTERS are not present on the reels.


  • Release Date
  • Game type
    Video slot
  • Mobile
  • RTP
  • Recommended browser
  • Game resolution
  • Supported Platform
  • Paylines
    20 Fixed
  • Volatility
  • Maximum exposure
  • Supported OS
  • Languages