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Welcome to the Wild West

Play'n GO Western-themed games online slots

Howdy partner!

Let’s take a mosey into the dusty towns of the Wild West where Wanted posters are plastered all around.

Cowboy games are some of our favourites to make at Play’n GO. Why? Gunslinging outlaws, lively saloons, we could go on…

Wanted dead or alive, keep reading to find the most unlawful outlaws in the Wild West.

Play'n GO Wild Trigger online slots

Wild Trigger

Meet Dolores, sorry, ‘Dottie’ Fields and her cowboy counterpart Clint McGraw.

From train heists to bank robberies this dynamic duo have done it all.

Today, they’ve pulled off the heist of the century, with loot in hand there’s just one problem. In true outlaw style, this pair isn’t a fan of sharing…

A duel at sunset will determine the best of bandits. Who do you think will walk away into the sunset with the loot?

Poised on either side of the reels, this exciting game sees the characters Dottie Fields and Clint McGraw serve as animated Stacked Wilds on the reels so that the narrative unfolds throughout the game as they duel it out on the reels for a truly immersive experience.

Play'n GO Golden Colts online slots

Golden Colts

A Western-themed slot with an undead twist.

The game centres around The Sheriff trying to protect his town from the Ace-High Gang using the Golden Colts - Even in the afterlife, he’ll get justice and vengeance by hook or by crook. But he has his work cut out for him.

The Ace-High Gang consist of their leader, Ace High, with a deck of cards in hand he lays down the (out)law. Hot Shot, who may be wild, but he never misses a shot. Taffy is quick to draw and hasn’t lost a duel yet.

The colts are used to load and fire one of seven bonus features onto the reels when activated. Players find out which feature they have activated each time.

Play'n GO Gunslinger Reloaded online slots

Gunslinger: Reloaded

Shooters at the ready, it’s time to clean up the Wild West. New in town, The Gunslinger won’t let any crook get past him and there are three that are already on his radar.

Wild Bill is fast and loose with his pistol, Bill sure puts the ‘Wild’ in his name... Jesse Picket is the wiliest in the Wild West, a slippery character indeed. Butch Curry has the strength of a bear, he isn’t an easy foe to take down.

The online slot has an amazing array of bonus games to test your nerve and your trigger finger if you can hold your nerve.




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