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Last week we attended Almedalsveckan, a week-long event dedicated to creating a democratic meeting place where political parties can be heard, and people can come together to exchange ideas. It’s a highly creative and open space where people are free to make their voices known.

This year we felt it important to be a part of Almedalen and make our voice heard. As a big part of big industry in Sweden, we felt it important to let people know who we are, what we do, and why we’re doing it. Outside of our industry, there is still much misinformation and missing information about what goes on in our field of work, and we wanted to share and educate people, to give them a fresh perspective.

We talked on subjects around the industry, highlighting the importance of regulation, pioneering your business and entrepreneurship in the tech field.

Our time there was a resounding success. Many people came to listen to the talks, and there was lots of interest from people both inside and outside the industry, in regards to us as a company and the ideas that we were bringing forth with our talks.

Almedalsveckan was an amazing event, and more important than ever in our current climate, maybe we’ll see you there next year!




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