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We’re Going to Almedalan

26th June, 2019 - Considered to be the most important forum in Swedish politics, the annual Almedalsveckan will take place from the 30th of June to the 7th of July.

We are going to be taking an active part in this year’s Almedalsvecka in Sweden. We have grown into a global company over the years, and as a company both with Swedish roots and a large presence in Sweden, we want to be part of the conversations that are helping to shape and support what goes on in the country.

This year is especially important for our industry due to the change in regulation, opening Sweden up as a market in the industry. Regulation is important for any country, and we want to fully support it and make sure it works in the best interests of the industry and the people of the country, so we feel this is another opportunity to help make a positive difference.

In the spirit of Almedalen, where inventiveness and collaboration are the main themes, people can come together and be inspired by, and give inspiration to, those around them. As a creative space, it’s the perfect setting for us here at Play’n GO and somewhere where we want to be to take part in this great exchange of ideas and ingenuity.

As part of this, we will not only be sponsoring the second day of the event (July 1st), but we’re also hosting a full day of talks around the subject of pioneering in the digital world.

As a tech-based company, we understand how difficult it can be; we know the struggles that can hinder progress, from attracting the right people and building a solid foundation, to taking risks and trying to moving forward. We’ve been there, and we’ve definitely done it, so we want to inspire as many as people as possible by sharing our knowledge with others.

The talks will be taking place on Monday, July 1st in Slottsterrassen 16, ‘The Garden’ and will start from 9 am.

Check out our full schedule of talks by clicking HERE

We Are Game for Almedalsveckan, and we hope you are too.


The event, now in its 51st year, aims to create a “democratic meeting place” where political parties can have a voice and speak directly to the people but also, people can come together to exchange ideas and interests and learn from each other.

Almedalsveckan gives each political party one day to use its main speaking ground, the central park in Visby, to bring their message to the people and give them an informal platform to really speak on matters. It has become an integral part of Swedish politics and culture, growing from one man speaking from the back of a lorry to crowds of over 40,000 joining together in the name of co-operation and democracy.




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