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We are ISO27001 certified!

15 Januray 2020—Another great milestone at the start of 2020. We have successfully been granted our ISO27001 certification on information security. An important step that embeds information security deep into our policies and operational procedures. Big kudos to our security team that made it happen over the past 18 months!

Sissel Weitzhandler (Group Compliance Manager):

"During the past few months we had onsite ISO inspections in both Sweden and Malta. Our security team put in a lot of preparation and worked hard to make sure these inspections went smoothly. With a fantastic end result!"

What is the impact of this certification on how we do things?

Sissel Weitzhandler: "The requirements concerning information security are now well embedded in our organisation. This translates in policies and hands-on operational procedures. So it's not an abstract thing. With ISO procedures in place we will have a plan and a list of people ready to take responsibility. Even in those cases that may seem hypothetical right now. That gives piece of mind. Both for us and our customers."

This certification is not the end of the ISO-story?

Cedric Mallia (Security & GDPR Manager):

"No, first of all these inspections will be a yearly recurring thing. So we will have to prove ourselves again and again. In 2020 we will continue this work with even more offices. But of course, this is already a significant milestone. We couldn't have reached without everyone putting in their energy, quality and trust!"




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