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The power of character in Play'n GO's Diverse Portfolio

Ever wondered how and why we create such epic characters at Play'n GO? Keep reading to see how we take these characters from concept to creation and why we think characters are so important in the future of the iGaming industry.

GOing further than gameplay

In the expansive world of online gaming, the importance of character development often goes overlooked, especially in genres like slot games where gameplay mechanics take centre stage. However, Play'n GO is challenging this notion in the iGaming industry by crafting memorable, compelling characters along with exciting narratives that elevate each title from simply being a fun slot game to an immersive and engaging experience.

Setting a new standard

At Play’n GO, we believe that players deserve so much more than just generic, cookie-cutter titles that offer nothing new. While slot games are designed to be easy to grasp and intuitive, especially compared to many other types of online games, players often still want something new and different when they select another title to try. The disappointment that can arise from choosing a new slot game to play, only to find that it’s offering nothing new compared to the last one that was played, is enough to turn players away from boredom.

This is why our team is dedicated to creating new and exciting gaming experiences with each weekly release, whether it’s a continuation of a popular, established series, or a brand-new IP altogether. We want to set a new standard with each title we release, to keep pushing the quality of online slots forward, and in turn, improve the quality of the iGaming industry as a whole.

A smörgåsbord of characters

From the culinary realms of Slashimi's Chef Jiro Miike to the magical confections of Sweet Alchemy's Candy Witch, Play'n GO’s character roster spans a range of personalities and themes. However, the impact of these characters extends beyond mere aesthetics; they drive player engagement and contribute to each game's unique feel.

To demonstrate the impact that these characters have on fans, let’s first take a look at those that make up the Play’n GO roster.

The legacy of the Wilde Series

Anyone who plays online slot games will have very likely heard of Rich Wilde and his many adventures. Titles such as Rich Wilde and The Book of Dead and Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness have become iconic games in the world of online slots, with Rich and the rest of the Wilde family becoming familiar faces to players.

Play’n GO's investment in character-driven stories is exemplified by the Wilde series. The audacious adventurer, Rich Wilde, has captured players' imaginations as he explores ancient tombs and forgotten civilisations. His daughter, Cat Wilde, first joined Rich in Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena, before setting off on her first solo adventure in Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead. And, more recently, Uncle Gerard stepped foot into the series in Gerard’s Gambit, looking to reclaim the honour of his family name after a life of questionable choices. Each new title continually adds a fresh dynamic and expands the narrative scope of the series. Through these characters, Play'n GO has successfully nurtured a community of fans who eagerly await the next chapter in the Wilde family saga.

The Wilde Family

The nostalgia of Hugo the Troll

A major factor that can endear us to characters, both real and fiction, is nostalgia. Welcoming Hugo the Troll into our library of games was a hugely successful decision, as this 90s cartoon character resonates with a lot of our players today. Many fans of the Hugo series of online slot games grew up watching the TV show, especially those from Scandinavian countries, and this nostalgia and familiarity can be extremely engaging for fans. The character of Hugo himself is one of fearlessness with a love of adventure. Fans can also see other familiar faces such as his wife Hugolina and Hugo’s friends in Hugo and Hugo 2, Hugo Carts, Hugo’s Adventure, and the latest title, Hugo Legacy.

Hugo the Troll image
Hugo the Troll

Did you know that for Hugo Legacy we worked with the renowned Czech National Symphony Orchestra to create the soundtrack? The music and audio for this game was designed to inspire that same nostalgia that fans feel while playing our Hugo games, while adding a huge level of unparalleled quality that can only be achieved by a talented live orchestra. Click the banner below to find out more about this process.

Single title standouts

While series characters like the Wilde family will naturally receive much of the spotlight, Play'n GO’s dedication to character extends to standalone titles as well. Characters for new IPs and non-series games are given just as much focus and backstory, demonstrating that even within a single game, a well-crafted character can create a rich and engaging player experience.

Take Chef Jiro Miike from the popular Slashimi. This champion of the culinary arts stands beside the reels during gameplay, preparing food and interacting with the symbols on the reels by slicing them in half. This adds a level of interactivity with the characters, elevating the game to something much more than its base gameplay mechanics. It might seem like a minor addition, but it’s things like this that really take slot games to the next level and break free from the mould.

Chef Jiro Miike image
Chef Jiro Miike

The bigger picture

Character plays such a large role in our design philosophy, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it solidifies a connection to the game for our players, allowing them to feel much more connected to the game, and much more likely to come back and play again. We want people to be playing our games for more than just the promise of monetary wins. While that plays a large part, these online slots are still games and that means they have to be fun and engaging. Developing strong characters and narrative themes can help to do this whether it’s Chef Jiro's culinary mastery, the Candy Witch's magical realm, or the daring escapades of the Wilde family.

The Candy Witch image
The Candy Witch

The importance of character in online slot games is something that we believe must continue to be embraced by the wider industry. At Play’n GO, we recognise the importance of engaging, story-driven experiences. As the market itself continues to become more saturated and competitive, offering well-designed and likeable characters alongside compelling gameplay can be the edge that sets a new game apart from others. And this is why we’re dedicated to leading the charge on this. Whether it’s a long-running series or a one-off title, a game with compelling characters can enrich the player’s experience significantly and it can even influence their decision on which game to choose next.

By balancing quality game mechanics with great characters, design, and narrative, we know that Play'n GO is setting a new industry standard, and it’s something we are incredibly proud of. As we continue to innovate, one thing is clear: our characters will remain at the heart of what makes each of our games a cut above the rest.




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