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The 5 best ancient Egypt themed slots to play in 2023

Want to find out which are the best Ancient Egypt slots to play in 2023? Demo them below for free!

Play'n GO's list of top Ancient Egypt slots

Ancient Egypt has been a source of constant fascination for explorers, historians, writers, and filmmakers. It offers up a treasure trove of stories, characters, and objects that are enough to capture the imagination of anyone, no matter how imaginative they consider themselves. Pharaohs and mummies, buried artefacts, and wrathful ancient gods bring a sense of wonder, awe, and sometimes the fear of the unknown into our minds. Ancient Egypt has made its way into all sorts of entertainment, from movies to video games. But it has become especially popular in the world of iGaming.

Ancient Egypt-themed slots are some of the most popular among players of online slot games and new titles are regularly added to the library of games at Play’n GO due to the wealth of stories that can be told.

Keep scrolling to demo some of our top Ancient Egypt theme slots for free!

What are Egypt slots?

Slot games that revolve around the theme of ancient Egypt can generally be divided into two categories. The first one is to do with the adventurers and explorers who uncover the secrets of this old civilisation, buried deep in the pyramids and tombs around Egypt’s many monuments. The characters of Rich Wilde, Cat Wilde, and Gerard Wilde are particularly famous for embarking on these thrilling adventures and unearthing valuable artefacts for players, making the Wilde series an incredibly popular series with many adventures taking place in Egypt.

The other category revolves around the mythical, divine, and supernatural side of what we know about ancient Egypt. The gods themselves make an appearance in these slots and pave the way to treasures, like in Riches of Ra. Some of the more popular games in this category manage to blend together both these categories seamlessly. A great example of this is Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead.

These games are full of elaborate and beautiful symbols that transport you to the world of pharaohs and ancient gods. Slot games based on Norse mythology and Greek mythology also successfully do this in their respective genres.

Why are Egypt slots so popular?

There is something about Egypt themed slots that stoke the adventurous spirit in the best of slot players. These games can explore any part of the rich millennia-long history of this beautiful civilisation, which means that there is still a lot left to be discovered. This is one of the main reasons why these games keep being created due to the many different stories that can be told.

As well as the variety of stories that can be focused on, this theme also provides the opportunity for developers to create some beautiful visuals. The titles from Play’n GO boast backgrounds of mysterious tombs and impressive structures, and symbols with ancient designs and terrifying characters which all help to significantly enhance the gameplay. These slots keep you on the edge of your seat as they come with great features and potentially big cash prizes, too. Think you’re ready to step foot in some of these incredible locations and begin your search for some mind-blowing treasures?

Take a look at our picks for the five best ancient Egypt themed slots below!

Pilgrim of Dead

As part of the iconic ‘Dead’ series, this title features a pilgrim who has ventured into the dangerous tombs that lie beneath the pyramids of Egypt. Pilgrim of Dead will see you venturing into these dangerous catacombs below, in search of the riches held within. More specifically, the titular pilgrim is in search of the fabled Book of Life and its secrets to immortality. Could the book lie within this tomb? There’s only one way to find out!

The Special Expanding symbol and the Free Spins feature add to the excitement of this game. During the Free Spins round, a symbol will be chosen, becoming a golden sticky symbol that can expand on the reels increasing win potential.

Screenshot of Pilgrim of Dead

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

The Wilde family are the world’s greatest explorers and treasure hunters, and Rich is the one that started this incredible legacy. Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead is hugely popular among both fans and casual players alike. This expedition takes Rich through the labyrinthine tombs of Ancient Egypt, as he attempts to discover the mysterious, and valuable, Book of Dead.

The game itself centres around the coveted Expanding Symbol which comes into play once you unlock the Free Spins round by landing three Scatters. A random symbol will be chosen before the Free Spins begin, turning it into a special Expanding Symbol until the Free Spins are over. This increases the chances of landing winning combinations across the reels.

Screenshot of Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

Legacy of Egypt

The mysterious Cleopatra and the legendary god Anubis make an appearance in this exciting slot game, aptly called Legacy of Egypt. The river Nile runs along the backdrop and ancient hieroglyphed pillars frame the reels. This opulent setting combined with the detailed symbols oozes charm, yet it’s the gameplay that really brings Legacy of Egypt to our list.

With a randomly awarded number of Free Spins after landing three Scatters, bet multipliers, and the Pyramid Spins feature, Legacy of Egypt is a must try for fans of the Ancient Egyptian theme.

Screenshot of Legacy of Egypt

Golden Osiris

Legend has it that the god Osiris turned beams of sunlight into blocks of gold which were used to build a mythical tomb that no one has ever laid eyes on. At least, nobody has survived to tell the tale...

Golden Osiris is your chance to discover this hidden monument and to reap the rewards from within. The game drops feature after feature to help you form clusters of matching symbols which are vibrant, dazzling, and crafted to perfection. During the Free Spins round, you have the chance to net a whopping x12000 multiplier for your bet for a truly staggering win.

Screenshot of Golden Osiris

Dawn of Egypt

Dawn of Egypt is packed with symbols to this ancient civilisation. Each of these symbols had different meanings to the Ancient Egyptians. For example, he lotus symbolised creation, the ankh represented life, the sacred snake represented divinity, and some symbols represented specific deities themselves, such as the scorpion representing Serqet. The all-powerful Sun God, Ra, accompanied by the ferocious Goddess Bastet watches over the reels, judging players to deem if they are worthy.

Featuring a Scarab Beetle Wild and two different Scatter symbols, one that triggers the Free Spins, and one that starts the Pyramid Spins should they land during the Free Spins round, Dawn of Egypt is a high-octane slot experience for fans.

Screenshot of Dawn of Egypt

What’s on the horizon?

Being such a popular theme among iGaming fans, it’s understandable that new concepts for fresh games are constantly being created. And, for us at Play’n GO, our next Ancient Egypt title releases next month! Scales of Dead is the next installment of the Dead series and sees you delving deep into the Golden Snake Tomb for ancient treasures.

Scales of Dead features the exciting Sandstorm Free Spins, Expanding Symbols, and the thrilling Gamble Round in which you can take the chance at bolstering your winnings. With new titles like Scales of Dead always slithering closer, it’s safe to say that the theme of Ancient Egypt is still very much alive in the world of iGaming.

Screenshot of Scales of Dead

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