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Take a Trip with our Latest Slot Release, Cash Pump

Today we’re releasing another brand new title into the market; this one is titled Cash Pump!

The special thing about this game is that it combines four slots into one game, that’s right FOUR slots in one, giving you four different 3x3 reel play areas to try and win on, in every spin.

The action on the slots is all brought together by a couple of innovative features. Firstly there’s Free Spin mode, which is activated by landing a Scatter in the centre of each play area. Also, if you land a strip of Wilde on any one of the slots, it will be duplicated across all four!

The game is based on the theme of Americana; more specifically the American style gas pumps of previous eras, evoking visions of Route 66 and the great American road trips that became popular in the 1950s, and are still enjoyed today.

As we move into the final phase of 2019 we’re determined to go out with a bang and keep releasing great titles, paving the way into 2020. Our CEO, Johan, had this to say on the matter:

“We promised 40 games into the market this year, but we were never going to compromise on quality. It would be easy to sit back, relax and release any old title now that the year is ending, but that’s not how we operate.

Cash Pump is another brand new experience we are bringing into the market, and another exciting example of our dedication to bringing variety to our customers and their players, something we will always endeavour to do.”




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