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Review: Gerard’s Gambit - Play’n GO’s brand-new Wilde card

From its origins as a small Swedish startup, Play'n GO has flourished and earned its place as an industry titan, delivering innovative and engaging online slot games across many genres. The latest addition to their esteemed roster is Gerard's Gambit, a game that masterfully combines entertainment and accessibility for both new and veteran players alike.

You will likely be familiar with the Book of Dead series, featuring the brave and daring Rich Wilde, and his zealous daughter, Cat Wilde. Rich first appeared in the online slot Aztec Idols back in 2013 and has gone on many thrilling adventures since. Each new expedition further solidified Rich Wilde as a household name at Play’n GO, as the fanbase continued to grow and enjoy these globe-trotting adventures.

Then in 2020, we were introduced to his exceptional daughter, Cat Wilde, in Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena. The two ventured to the lost city of Atlantis in search of the goddess of wisdom’s fabled shield. Cat then had her first solo adventure in Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead, setting foot in the sandy tombs of ancient Egypt. And now we are meeting yet another member of this impressive family of treasure hunters.

Gerard's Gambit takes the beloved Book of Dead series to new heights, introducing players to the enigmatic Gerard Wilde. As the lesser-known member of the Wilde family, Gerard's adventures augment the lore of the series, while offering a unique, progressive gameplay experience.

The narrative of Gerard’s Gambit focuses on his redemption after a troubled past. As the black sheep of the family, Gerard is off on this grand adventure to restore his honour and reclaim his place as part of the Wilde family. His journey will take him from the overgrown jungles of Central America to the unforgiving dunes of Egypt in search of treasures lost to the world.

It’s evident that the main focus Play’n GO have had when developing Gerard’s Gambit is for it to be an educational online slot. It’s designed to help newcomers develop an in-depth understanding of how these types of games work. Needless to say, Play’n GO have been very clear that this is not mutually exclusive with enjoyability. For those that already have plenty of experience with online slots, Gerard’s Gambit is sure to be a real hit.

In Gerard's Gambit, the progression system is structured around ten levels, each with specific objectives that must be completed for you to advance. Objectives range from achieving a certain number of wins to triggering bonus features. As you complete these objectives and progress, you will unlock additional features, new objectives, and reel expansions.

Level Indicator in Gerard's Gambit

This progression will see the reels physically expand, unlocking more clues for Gerard to pursue. As the reel expands, you will set off around the globe alongside Gerard, searching for more priceless treasures. These destinations are reflected in the overall background artwork of the game, whether it's an ancient Egyptian tomb, or a spooky Aztec pyramid.

The game begins with a simple 3x1 reel and a single payline, but with each advancement, the reel expands. By level ten, you will have unlocked a full 5x3 reel with ten paylines. This expansion happens every two levels, with the levels in between still offering new features, symbols and bonuses. This design choice caters nicely to both newcomers and experienced players by offering an accessible learning curve and engaging challenges.

Gerard Wilde with his compass
Gerard Wilde with his compass

When it comes to online slots, newer players can often find themselves feeling a bit confused with the variety that appears on the reels. If you’ve ever had to search something along the lines of “what is a scatter?” then you’ll likely understand the struggle! This is partially due to these symbols differing quite significantly in appearance from game to game. This even includes the standard, lower paying symbols that are commonly depicted as card suits or face cards, or even more traditional fruit symbols. Gerard’s Gambit will introduce new symbols each time players advance, though, giving them time to get familiar with them before more are added.

With its engaging narrative and enticing progression system, you’ll be able to picture yourself in the shoes of the rugged Gerard Wilde himself, navigating the intricacies of these ancient tombs. As the reels expand and the objectives become more demanding, you'll feel the thrill of each new level and the satisfaction of conquering these increasingly challenging objectives.

The Head of Game Retention at Play'n GO, George Olekszy explained the rationale behind Gerard's Gambit's progression system.

With Gerard’s Gambit we wanted to show that online slots can be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whether you’re a veteran or complete beginner. The clear progression system in the game offers a welcoming learning curve for newcomers while keeping long-term fans engaged. We believe this is a fantastic starting point for players, allowing them to get the hang of online slot games without feeling overwhelmed by features all in one go. At the same time, it really is a very fun game, plain and simple, and we believe fans of the Book of Dead series will get a real kick out of this new title and its unique progression system.

With Gerard's Gambit, Play'n GO continues to set the standard for engaging and accessible online slot games. The fusion of a captivating storyline, unique progression system, and expanding reels ensures that players of all skill levels will find something to love about this online slot. As Play'n GO unveils new titles each week, we eagerly anticipate each innovative addition to their catalogue and are excited to see what they can come up with next.

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