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Animal Madness Review - Play'n GO's frantic farmyard grid slot

This review will dive deeper into the graphics, symbols, and features of Animal Madness to show why it’s such a popular title alongside other great animal-themed slots at Play’n GO.

Animal Madness Game Review Banner

Animal Madness is an online grid slot set on a hectic yet idyllic rural farm. The game will give you a glimpse into the busy life of a farmer, where there is always something to keep track of, whether it’s your own livestock or farmyard pests. The bright, colourful, and detailed graphics bring each of the farm’s chaotic animal characters to life on the screen and the exciting features add to the overall charm and fun of this game.

Animal Madness technical data

Released in May 2022, Animal Madness is a 5x5 grid slot that has become a very popular option for slot players. One reason for this popularity is that it offers frequent payouts as well as plenty of opportunities for larger wins. There are also plenty of fantastic bonus features to be unlocked, and the biggest win that can be earned is a whopping x2250 of your bet.

Animal Madness graphics and sound

As with all successful slot games, Animal Madness boasts a varied combination of graphical and sound design to really help set the scene and immerse players in the world of this frantic farm. Beginning at the crack of dawn, Animal Madness is filled with the iconic noises of the farmyard. While all the animals are sleeping peacefully on the reels when the game begins, this is just the calm before the storm which can see brewing in the background. As the day goes on and the animals slowly awaken one by one, the pastoral setting truly comes alive.

An orchestral background score accompanies the bright and bold visuals. A bit ominous and intimidating at first, it quickly turns into a relentless day of hard work for a farmer who has to tend to all his livestock and crops as well. It’s not long before all hell breaks loose, however, and the day becomes filled with rampaging herds of livestock and pesky pests to deal with.

This grid slot allows you to win by forming clusters of four or more symbols of the same kind. The symbols in Animal Madness are all related to farm life, including wheat, corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins. Then come the high-value symbols which take the form of the livestock themselves—chicken, goat, sheep, and cow. The more matching symbols that you land, the higher the win value. You can even expect to win up to x600 for landing 18 or more matching high-value symbols! The most unique aspect of this game is that it comes with four different wilds and each of them gives out different rewards, too.

Animal Madness 5x5 grid
The calm before the storm, with all animals sleeping peacefully

How to play Animal Madness

The adventures of these delightful farm animals unfold over the 5x5 grid with cluster pays. Simply follow the steps below to enter the world of Animal Madness.

  • Demo for free here at Play'n GO!

  • Adjust the bet using the buttons at the bottom of the game’s screen. The game allows you to bet very flexibly and you can choose between the range of 0.10 and 100 credits for each spin. 

  • Now, just hit ‘Spin’ and wait for the clusters to form. 

  • Use the lightning bolt button if you want faster spins.

Animal Madness Features

Animal Madness is rich in bonus features. With these farmyard friends causing untold havoc throughout the barn and paddocks, you’ll learn just how hectic the life of a farmer can be!

First up, we have the cascades feature. To activate this, you just need to land a cluster of four or more matching symbols. Winning symbols will disappear and new ones will cascade from above to fill the gaps potentially creating even more wins. 

Sitting to the side of the grid there is a jolly sunflower that acts as a charge meter. Each win makes its petals and stalk grow, helping this vibrant sunflower reach the sky. Each growth spurt will award you new, expanded animal wilds on the grid. These added wilds can become as big as 3x3 on the grid.

But it’s not just the local farm animals you need to keep an eye on. The Rabbit Destruction feature sees a brazen bunny appear to ravage your crops! Random non-winning spins can trigger this Rabbit Destruction feature and, depending on the rabbit’s mood, you get a different reward. This can range from removing rows/columns from the grid or removing low-paying crop symbols, allowing higher-paying livestock symbols to take their place.

Demo Animal Madness for free

If you are a first-time player, you might find it a bit tricky to get used to the bonus features of Animal Madness. The best way to practice is by playing the free demo game to learn the rules, symbols, features, and so on. 

Be prepared for a relentless frenzy in this chaotic game where the animals run amuck, and the farmer has a field day managing his animals and crops. The high-definition graphics and amazing animations prove to be a fun-filled experience for new and experienced slot players. The features only make this game more exciting, and this is a must-try for lovers of animal slots. 

And if you love Animal Madness then you’ll definitely enjoy our other great animal-themed titles such as Colt Lightning, Miner Donkey Trouble, and the upcoming Fox Mayhem to name just a few in the extensive Play’n GO library.




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