Reactivate Your Lobby With Reactoonz 2!

It’s time to Reactivate Your Lobby! Reactoonz 2 is more than just a game; it’s another opportunity to advantage of first-class entertainment from Play’n GO to give to your players. Our promotional channels, coupled with our network of affiliates means our games have all the backing needed to shine in the market.

Reactoonz is one of the best-loved gridslots around the world and is one of the top played games in countries like Germany, the UK and Japan, to name just a few. After three years, it’s still going strong, and now there’s a brand-new adventure for them to enjoy!

Reactoonz was borne out of the idea that we could merge the cascading gridslot format with a unique style for players to enjoy. After pioneering the format and seeing great success with our earlier titles; Gemix, Viking Runecraft and Moon Princess, we wanted to give operators more gridslots for players to enjoy.

Of course, while we wanted to preserve the format, we didn’t want just to repeat what we had already done with our previous titles. We wanted something new, something different and something fun…and Reactoonz was born!

So, why a sequel? While the original is a fantastic game, we always know we can improve and add more to the game experience, we never stop pushing to give players the best games possible.

We know that Reactoonz is loved the world over and we had so many ideas that would add more to the game, we felt that the time was right to re-introduce it to newer audiences and give its fans something new to enjoy.

Reactoonz 2 brings all of the original Reactoonz back to the grid, along with the mighty Gargantoon and even introduces the Energoonz; cute little aliens from one of our earlier slots, and distant cousins of the Reactoonz themselves.

One of the game’s main new features is the electric Wilds. These charged up Wilds can zap symbols off the grid and even team up to destroy the whole grid!

But that isn’t all; there are two new meters players can charge up. The Fluctometer will fill up and place Wilds on the grid, and the Quantumeter will release the Energoonz and the mighty Gargantoon to help generate wins.

With new characters, new features and upgraded design, Reactoonz 2 is the perfect way to reactivate your lobby and bring in something fresh to appeal to players old and new!