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'We are game' campaign set to wow at G2E 2023. But what does it mean?

If you've been following our updates, you're already aware that our campaign theme for this year is 'We are game'. If you’re going to be in attendance at this year’s Global Gaming Expo, G2E in Las Vegas, then it’s very likely you’re going to spot this all around the show floor. But you might be left wondering: what does that mean, exactly?

Play'n GO  with a tagline and character

The origins of Play’n GO

To get a good idea of why we chose this as our campaign slogan, it’s worth delving into the origins of Play’n GO to see where we came from. Starting in Sweden way back in 2005 as a small team in a humble office, Play’n GO has grown from strength to strength over the years. From these Scandinavian roots, we have developed into a sprawling, global company with employees from all across the globe. This is made a lot easier to manage with our 'digital first' ethos, and also enables us to pick from a titanic talent pool.

But throughout all this, we remember that, while we’ve created a positive, collaborative worldwide team of brilliant people, at the core of Play’n GO is one key factor - our games.

The G2E 2023 campaign unveiled

Because of our games being the foundation of who we are as a company, the campaign essentially writes itself. 'We are game', as Ebba Arnred, CMO and co-founder of Play’n GO, explained in her recent interview, is all about pushing the boundaries in iGaming, too. The line itself is multi-faceted, in that it demonstrates our dedication to creating exciting titles, while also showing that we are ready and willing to push the boundaries of the industry to increase enjoyment as well as sustainability.

“The 'We are game' campaign and tagline is really a way of expressing our identity and vision as the leading provider of casino entertainment. It applies to just about everything we do, while reflecting our readiness to take the fight to make this industry sustainable in the long term by offering high-quality and responsible products.”

The importance of sustainability in iGaming

There is often a view from the public that this industry can be predatory in nature, and there are plenty of justifications for this viewpoint. But this is one key reason as to why Play’n GO is committed to ensuring our games are made with sustainability in mind. Predatory features like bonus buys and the like are not found in any of our titles, as we believe in keeping our games enjoyable and reducing the stigma surrounding online slots.

It is our goal for the iGaming industry to flourish and soar to even greater heights, with the highest-quality content being created for our players, and that can only be done with sustainability and good practices at the forefront.

A sneak-peek of what to expect from Play'n GO at G2E

While we don't want to give too much away, we invite you to visit our stand for a firsthand look at how Play’n GO is shaping the future of iGaming. You'll be able to get a sneak peek at some of our most exciting projects and initiatives, all of which are aimed at redefining what online slot gaming can be.

Click below to see what else Play'n GO is planning for G2E 2023.




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