Play’n GO stay on track with Wild Rails

Slot supplier Play’n GO continue their landmark year with another new release today, the 5-reel video slot Wild Rails.

The game is a milestone for the company as it represents their first horizontal reel slot, where the symbols travel across the reels rather than down them as is the standard for almost all slot games.

The game speaks to the reputation Play’n GO have built as a company that puts a focus on aiming to innovate their games with new ideas, and try new things, to keep players entertained; a focus that has led them extremely far in the modern gaming industry.

The game received a hugely positive reception last week when Play’n GO gave an exclusive preview at an invite-only event hosted to kick off the WGES conference in Barcelona.

The unfamiliarity of the game’s design is tempered by the game’s visually striking design and the smoothness of its gameplay, with special attention having been paid to the mechanics of the reel’s movement and speed.

The look and feel of the game are reminiscent of classic films like Murder on the Orient Express, calling back to a time where travelling by train the most exciting and adventurous way to travel, a notion still held today.

The game is another feather in the cap of the slot specialists, who have been experiencing one of their most successful years in the business, further cementing their position as a leading supplier in regulated markets.

CEO Johan Törnqvist spoke about the excitement of still being able to do something new as a leading company:

“As a company, we love trying out new concepts and ideas. We’re currently on track for our most successful year ever, and it is innovative games, like Wild Rails, that are going to continue that track and lead us into the future!”



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17 Aug 2022

Play'n GO, Playn go or Play'n'go?