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Play’n GO Return to the Classics with The Paying Piano Club

This title from Play’n GO will be music to your ears; it’s their latest release slot release, the Paying Piano Club!

The Paying Piano Club is a 3x3 slot that looks back to the early days on the frontier when people would return from a hard days prospecting and listen to a jaunty tune on the pianola.

While 5x3 has mainly replaced the classic 3x3 reel as the typical grid size, Play’n GO has still found a large audience for their 3x3 titles. It’s the format of their popular Joker series of games with titles like Fire Joker, Mystery Joker 6000 and Sticky Joker.

During 2020 they also saw a positive response to some other 3x3 releases; the innovative Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay, and the Christmas themed Holiday Spirits (based on the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol).

Indeed it seems that no matter the grid size a player prefers, Play’n GO have something to suit every interest.

With its speakeasy feel, the game’s theme is sure to find a home with US audiences, a staple of their past; which is a wise move from the supplier as they seek to take their brand of entertainment to American shores following the recent developments of the market.

As a game, The Paying Piano Club is a straightforward slot with the offer of unlimited multipliers and free spins as just two of the features players are sure to love.

CPO Martin Zettergren believes that there’s still a place for simple games in today’s slot market, and it’s important to keep that diversity for your audience:

“Sometimes players just want the experience of a more traditional slot game, which is why our 3x3 reels are so popular.

We give them that timeless look and feel but combine it with modern features and visuals to provide them with an updated version of a classic staple of the industry.”

The Paying Piano Club is available in multiple markets from today!




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