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Tour our top Music Slots at Play'n GO

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At Play’n GO, our games represent creativity and variety. We spend countless hours innovating and fine-tuning our products to suit the needs of a game and what our audience expects of us in the most creative way possible.

Of course, if every game were the same, that would be no fun (and fun is what we do best). Outside our expansive game worlds and one-of-a-kind characters, one theme we rock at and that's music slots.

Released in October 2021, Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness you must free the legendary shock rocker from his chains. In the game, you work perilously to free him from his chains as you navigate multiple spooky realities, such as The Insane Asylum and The Dungeon.

What makes Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness – and our other music slots – so successful is down to their sense of place. Alice Cooper has been pioneering the hard rock sound since the late ‘60s and enjoyed solo success from the mid-’70s until the late ‘80s.

KISS Reels of Rock, Play'n GO, online slots

Currently, the world is wrapped up in ‘80s nostalgia when looking broadly at fashion, music and pop culture. This means our game appeals to online slot fanatics, fans of Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness game, the Alice Cooper fandom and retro enthusiasts, broadening the game’s potential scope tenfold.

Equally, KISS Reels of Rock followed in the footsteps of Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness. However, for this title, the smokey-eyed dystopian world of Cooper was swapped for the face-painted, glam rock aura of KISS. Swapping ‘80s nostalgia for ‘70s psychedelia and flaming guitars, the title featured KISS’ full roster Starchild, the Demon, the Spaceman and the Catman rocking on the reels on the tour of a lifetime.

The game features centres around a concert setting where players can enjoy iconic KISS songs coupled with immersive stage direction, fiery pyrotechnics and a show-stopping atmosphere.

Also, our non-IP-focused music slots are incredible (if we do say so ourselves). The ‘40s-inspired, jazz title The Paying Piano Club drops players into the heart of a dimly lit, smokey jazz club as they aim to up their multipliers. With a strong sense of place and dynamic features, The Paying Piano Club offers players a cinematic snapshot of ‘40s culture and aesthetics – representative of our expansive range of games.

Lordi Reel Monsters, Play'n GO, online slots

Our 2021 music slots were a vital precursor to the kind of external music IPs Play’n GO would continue to adopt this year with Lordi Reel Monsters and *NSYNC Pop.

The latter of the two, *NSYNC Pop, was our first foray into the late 1990s/early Y2K nostalgia pool. The title featured NSYNC’s 2001 smash single Pop.

Comparatively, Lordi Reel Monsters hosted the Finish-based band’s full roster, as well as original music purpose-built for the game coupled with an exclusive music video. They really brought monster rock to slots.

Our music slots are indicative of our design ethos and core values regarding our fanbase with quality music slots while simultaneously calibrating our tempo to reach rock, pop and jazz fanatics. 




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