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It’s every shark for themself in Mega Don

Play'n GO, online slots, Mega Don

28 July 2022—Our latest sea-themed game really has some bite! Dive into the waters of Mega Don.

A shiver of sharks swarms the ocean in the hunt for the biggest catch. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but the Leopard, Hammerhead and Great White Shark want the lion(fish)’s share. And with other predators circling the great depths on the hunt for prey, will any of the sharks come out on top as the mightiest hunter of the sea?

Mega Don is all about symbol transformation and progression in the game. Land three Scatters to unlock Free Spins and symbol upgrades, the more Scatters that land on the reels the more Free Spins and upgrades.

Getting as many Scatters as possible during the Free Spins will unlock Retriggers which will keep adding to the player’s symbol transformations which is important not only in terms of potential but in keeping players entertained and on the edge of their seats.

Mega Don, is the first game to feature audio implemented through our new proprietary audio middleware, SoundStage. A powerful tool that provides functionality specific to slot-based audio design. Tranquil waters soon become blood-stained as the pitch, tempo and volume heighten so we know the feature ‘Snack Time’ is about to commence. Mega Don players are in for something special.

Cartoon-style graphics with clear goals make for a game both new and existing players will enjoy.

This isn’t the first time that we've dove into the depths of the ocean, Mega Don will join our other deep-sea titles including our 2020 release Octopus Treasure and 2017 title Mermaid’s Diamond.

Head of Games at Play’n GO, Charlotte Miliziano said.
‘Retention is a big part of planning what games we make and how we make them. Features that provide value for the player in terms of entertainment mean that they are more likely to come back and play the game time and time again.
‘Titles like Mega Don are reminiscent of franchises in other entertainment sectors which carry with them a hint of nostalgia combined with new engaging features is why we see this game swimming to success.’




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