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Meet Hugo the Troll and His Friends

Hugo the troll is one of the most beloved characters at Play’n GO. If you don’t know them already, read on to learn more about Jean-Paul, Don Croco, Scylla, Hugolina and Hugo. Let’s GO!

Hugo the Troll characters in a banner

Meet Hugo the Troll and his companions below to see what adventures they appear in at Play'n GO.

Did you know that you can demo all our Hugo titles here for free?

Hugo the Troll with a surfboard

Hugo the Troll

Nickname(s): Hugo

Abilities: Vehicle Master, Pro-Footballer, Super Agility and Sharp Reflexes

Hugo’s the loveable leader of his crew. He’s the three-toed troll with a penchant for adventure and thrills – stopping evil in his wake any way he can.

Whether Hugo’s in a submarine, plane or cart – you can guarantee he’s having a ball. Sometimes he assumes the role of the Wild, like in the original Hugo slot, whereas other times, he’s a Scatter like in Hugo Carts.

Hugo’s also a pretty good midfielder with a ball in his court too – he put his balling skills to the test in Hugo Goal, leading a 2-0 victory against Scylla.

Hugolina with a crystal


Nickname(s): Ms. Hugo

Abilities: Sharp Intellect and Carting Skill

Hugolina is the beloved wife and Hugo's chief accomplice. She is always by her husband's side, except when she becomes a target of Scylla and Don Croco's schemes.

Hugolina’s pretty good in a submarine too, as evident from her underwater stint in Hugo’s Adventure, as well as her golden railroad days in Hugo Carts.

Fun fact: Hugolina can be found as the Free Spins Scatter in the original Hugo game, and a High-Paying symbol in Hugo’s Adventure.

Scylla the evil witch with magic


Nickname(s): The Evil Witch, Scylla the Witch

Abilities: Hugo, Hugo 2, Hugo Carts, Hugo Goal and Hugo Legacy

Scylla is Hugo’s biggest foe to date. Appearing across the vast majority of the Hugo games, either as a Scatter, Wild or High-Paying symbol – Scylla uses her witchcraft to best Hugo and interrupt his fun.

Alongside her trusty henchman Don Croco, the pair love nothing more than to cook up evil schemes and perfect their evil one-liners.

Scylla’s latest scheme involves stealing the Legacy Cap from Hugo, Hugolina and Jean-Paul – but we don’t know if Scylla will prevail just yet...

Don Croco Scylla's minion

Don Croco

Nickname(s): Croco

Abilities: Expert Tactician and Dangerous Teeth

Appearances: Hugo Goal and Hugo Legacy

Don Croco is Scylla's chief assistant of Scylla and fellow adversary of Hugo. He's a muscular crocodile who uses his menacing strength and tactical abilities to oppose Hugo.

Don Croco’s got a love for football too, going head-to-head with Hugo in a five-a-side match. If you ask Don Croco and Scylla – they almost won, but the 2-nil defeat paints a different picture.

Don Croco appears in Hugo Goal and Hugo Legacy a High-Paying symbol.

Jean-Paul the monkey from Hugo the Troll


Nickname(s): Monkey

Abilities: Co-Piloting, Navigation and Climbing

Appearances: Hugo’s Goal and Hugo Legacy

Hugo’s newest pal who goes bananas for a vehicle. As the co-pilot for his plane, Jean-Paul can pull off some master manoeuvres, whether he’s climbing or behind the controls. Jean-Paul as a High-Paying symbol in Hugo's Adventure and Hugo Legacy.


Nickname: Fernie

Abilities: Aerial navigation

Appearances: Hugo Goal and Hugo Legacy

This cheeky toucan is often by Hugo and Jean-Paul's side as he takes to the skies while they cover the land. You can find Fernando in Hugo Legacy, the next adventure in the Hugo the Troll franchise!

Hugo Legacy

Play'n GO's Hugo Legacy logo

Hugo Legacy is OUT NOW! Celebrate the 30th anniversary of this three-toed troll and demo for FREE below!




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