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KEANA Interview: LA Singer Discusses Her “Supernova” Gargantoonz Collaboration with Play’n GO Music

Play’n GO Music is here, and it’s kicking off with a “Supernova”.

Courtesy of KEANA, a dream pop artist based in Los Angeles – we’re proud to announce that she’s Play’n GO Music’s first collaborator. KEANA has garnered a buzz online from creating a myriad of trip-hop, dream-pop and electronic-tinged sound palettes – arguably with a slight sci-fi, escapist twist.

Her hard-hitting atmospheric soundscapes have received critical praise from various publications across the music pantheon. Now, KEANA has aided us in our first foray into the symphonic world of slot soundtracks.

It only makes sense to team up with an artist equally as electric as Gargantoonz to perfectly complement the storied slot sequel. Read to learn more about Play'n GO Music and KEANA’S artistry in this exclusive Q&A. 

If someone’s never heard your music before – what would you want them to know about you?

“I’d probably want them to know that music has always been a part of my life. I started music at a young age, singing in church – I was always in talent shows and choirs. I went to music school. The type of music that represents me is ethereal, dreamy, and adventurous.”

Talk us through your recording process

“Typically, I’ll start with an idea, a pad, or some sort of synthesizer-type of sound, and from there - I'll record my melody. Once I get melody ideas that are flowing out of me, I start to insert words here and there and then I’ll use those words as a starting point for my song.”

What was it about Gargantoonz that made you want to make “Supernova”?

“I love that Gargantoonz conveyed an ‘80s pop-inspired style of music. It's always fun for me to come in, hit record, lay down my melodies and get all my ideas going. A lot of the time, when I'm producing and singing my own music, I tend to lean more towards the production side of music-making or I'll lean more into the singing side, then sometimes it takes me a little bit longer to get my ideas out. It’s a mixed bag.”

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics on” Supernova”?

“The lyrics wrote themselves for this song. It was very much about space, the galaxy. So, I used words like supernova. I used keywords from the brief that was sent to me, and the song pretty much wrote itself: it was very fun and straightforward for me.”

Play’n GO Music is HERE

We've launched a new music project, Play’n GO Music. The division will showcase soundtracks from our popular games and produce new music exclusively as tie-ins for our new and existing IPs.

This is the first time that music artists from around the world will collaborate with Play’n GO Music to produce new versions of in-game music that will be available on streaming platforms. The hope is we can cultivate a community of music lovers, further immersing people into a world of creativity.

Stream “Supernova” here on all digital music platforms. Looking for more? Check out the Reactoonz landing page for more alien slot action whilst we await more exciting new tunes from Play’n GO Music.




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