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Slot Series: Hugo the Troll at Play'n GO

At Play’n GO, we are used to characters becoming popular household names, and one that has won our hearts is the tenacious and charismatic Hugo the Troll.

Hugo the Troll series banner

With his charming demeanour combined with the whimsical worlds he finds himself in, this beloved IP has amassed a dedicated fan base. This is composed of those that are familiar with Hugo the Troll already, due to him being a popular franchise in Denmark and across Scandinavia, as well as those fans that have come to love him via our selection of thrilling slot games. Dedicated fans eagerly await each new release to enjoy his quirky new adventures sprinkled with 90s nostalgia.

"For over 30 years, Hugo has been a staple in the lives of many..."

Spanning five enthralling online slot games - Hugo, Hugo 2, Hugo Goal, Hugo's Adventure, and Hugo Carts - the series has evolved, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of online slots alongside the team here at Play’n GO. As we embark on this retrospective journey, we'll delve into the intricacies of these captivating games, and even steal a glimpse of what the future may hold for our endearing protagonist. So, buckle up, and let's explore the thrilling evolution of Hugo the Troll together.


The first time we met Hugo at Play'n GO was in his first online slot game, Hugo. Of course, fans of the franchise itself will be familiar with this three-toed troll from his days as the star of a popular animated TV show in Denmark and across Scandinavia. In this initial foray into the world of online slots, our endearing hero embarks on a treasure-hunting quest that merges nostalgia with contemporary gameplay, creating a delightful experience for both newcomers and seasoned Hugo fans.

Hugo, a 5-reel slot game, offers an engaging mix of captivating visuals and dynamic gameplay, all wrapped up in the enchanting charm of our titular character. As the game's wild symbol, Hugo steps up to help players complete winning combinations, doubling their value on up to 10 active lines. But it's not all smooth sailing for our intrepid troll, as the wicked witch Scylla lurks around every corner, scheming to kidnap Hugo's lovely bride, Hugolina.

Hugo screenshot

When Scylla's sinister presence is detected on the reels, players are rewarded with 5-15 free spins. Successfully rescuing Hugolina results in a potential reward, with her appearance as a stacked scatter symbol on one or more reels offering up to three times your total bet. To make things even more exciting, landing three scattered treasure chest symbols triggers an action-packed bonus round, where players help Hugo navigate a treacherous underground mine. By outsmarting Scylla's cunning minion, Don Croco, and guiding Hugo to the hidden riches, players can secure a bonus prize of up to 500 times their total bet!

This inaugural game set the stage for Hugo's adventures in the world of online slots, winning over the hearts of players and creating a dedicated fan base eager to join him on his many escapades. With its delightful blend of nostalgia and innovation, the "Hugo" online slot game laid the foundation for the future of this charming IP.

Hugo 2

Due to the popularity of Hugo, it’s no wonder that Play’n GO treated fans to another adventure with Hugo the Troll. It was at this point that it was becoming apparent that this would become a cornerstone within Play’n GO’s catalogue of games.

In Hugo 2, our heroic troll returns, taking players on a riveting 5-reel railway journey. Steering the mine trolley towards the ultimate treasure, Hugo serves as the game's wild symbol, substituting for ordinary symbols and creating more winning combinations across the ten lines. Keep an eye out for three beavers; their appearance on the reels triggers a sequence of ten free spins.

The Beaver Cleaver feature allows players to retrigger the sequence, accumulating up to 20 free spins in a row. Along the way, collecting bags and coins generate extra wilds and special symbols, significantly multiplying your winnings.

Hugo 2 screenshot

As fans will be aware, Hugo's nemesis, the evil witch Scylla, is never far behind. The bonus round commences when three or more Scylla symbols appear in any scattered positions on the reels. Players must then enter Scylla's treacherous, booby-trapped cave and navigate perilous stone pedestals to reach the stolen treasure. However, beware: a wrong step could cost you a life or even all three!

Your final challenge is selecting the key that unlocks the chest of gold, granting you access to the grand prize. With Hugo 2, Play'n GO successfully delivered an exhilarating sequel, further solidifying the franchise's position as a fan favourite, especially among the Scandinavian player base, in the world of online slots.

Hugo Goal

Scandinavians, especially the Danish, are no strangers to the beautiful game, and Hugo the Troll is no exception. So much so that after the success of Hugo and Hugo 2, the quirky character tried his hand, or foot in this case, at playing the sport himself.

In Hugo Goal, our three-toed troll became a football star, taking to the field as the game's wild symbol. Hugo substitutes for all ordinary symbols, as wild symbols are known to do, helping players score winning combinations. When a win doesn't initially land, players have the opportunity for a Free Kick, which grants one free re-spin as a second chance. Lining up two identical character symbols on non-winning spins can trigger continuous action until a win occurs or the Penalty Shoot-out Bonus Game is activated.

Hugo Goal screenshot

The reels will keep spinning until players achieve their goal. When a full house is obtained, with all nine symbols on the reels matching (with or without wilds), the Penalty Shoot-Out bonus round begins. Players must then choose an area of the goal for Hugo to guard during each of the five penalty kicks, preventing opposing team members like Scylla and Don Croco from scoring. Saving all five goals earns players the Golden Trophy and a 10x multiplier on all bonus winnings.

Hugo’s Adventure

In the exciting instalment, Hugo's Adventure, our three-toed hero faces challenges both underwater and in the air. This 5-reel video slot sees Hugo joining his friends Monkey, Eagle, and Hugolina on the reels, with Hugo himself serving as the Wild symbol. Players can achieve wins by matching three or more symbols across the game's ten paylines.

Hugo's Plane, the Scatter symbol, triggers the unique Air Race free spin feature when three planes land on the reels. Hugo embarks on an aerial escapade, complete with one life and 20 free spins. Players must skilfully avoid Don Croco's sky mines to keep their single life intact but can earn extra lives from the extra life balloons.

Hugo's Adventure screenshot

Random Multipliers and Flying Wilds add to the excitement, with the latter becoming sticky and moving across the reels with each spin. Successfully navigating the free spins leads to the Underwater Adventure bonus feature, where players help Hugo uncover sunken treasures and safely reach Skull Castle.

In this treacherous underwater world, choosing the wrong treasure can mean disaster. If Hugo survives the ordeal, players must pick the right chain to drop the anchor on Don Croco, avoiding self-sabotage. With each correct choice, Hugo spins the submarine multiplier, accumulating a Multiplier to be applied to his winnings.

Hugo's Adventure showcases our beloved troll's versatility, combining the thrill of deep-sea diving and high-flying exploits into a captivating online slot experience.

Hugo Carts

The latest entry into the Hugo-verse at Play’n GO is the high-octane Hugo Carts. In this thrilling chapter, Hugo and Hugoline race through a mine, trying to reach the gold and gems before the devious Don Croco and the sinister Scylla get their hands, and claws, on the precious treasure. The 5x4 slot game brings players on a wild ride with our beloved troll and his companions, combining adventure and excitement in a captivating narrative.

Hugo Carts screenshot

As Hugo and Hugolina navigate the treacherous mines, they must overcome various obstacles and outsmart their cunning adversaries. The gameplay is designed to thrill, with a fast pace that keeps players on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what's next in the story.

The chase between the characters is intense, as they race against time and each other to secure the valuable treasures hidden deep within the mine. In this exhilarating adventure, Hugo Carts showcases the relentless pursuit of fortune and glory, capturing the essence of what makes the Hugo series so engaging and enduring.

What’s Next For Hugo?

While we can’t reveal much about the next instalment of Hugo’s story, we feel that it is important to remind fans that this franchise has been around for over 30 years now! Starting way back in the 90s, many of our fans across Scandinavia grew up alongside this friendly troll. You can also celebrate this long-running franchise in Hugo Legacy, today!

"With the launch of Hugo Legacy, we have brought all of these great elements, combined with brand new gameplay..."

As you can probably imagine, this title will feature a whole host of familiar faces, as well as lots of exciting features to honour the entertainment this franchise has given so many fans over the years.

Hugo Legacy screenshot

Play’n GO Game Producer, Jack Wood, had this to say about this beloved collection of games.

“We are beyond excited to bring players another instalment of the Hugo franchise this year. For over 30 years, Hugo has been a staple in the lives of many and having the chance to deliver more of these games to our fans is a huge honour for us. The brilliant world of this famed three-toed troll is rife with adventures and excitement, making it the perfect setting for our current and future titles.
“With the launch of Hugo Legacy, we have brought all of these great elements, combined with brand new gameplay that has yet to be seen in a Hugo slot giving players a fresh new way to enjoy the world of Hugo.”

We are very excited for fans to try out Hugo Legacy today. But of course, don't hesitate to explore the other fantastic games featuring Hugo in our extensive collection. As proven by its enduring popularity, this beloved franchise is undoubtedly destined to captivate fans for many more years to come.

Hugo Legacy coming soon banner




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