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Spooky slots: Check out Play’n GO’s Halloween slots

Play'n GO, Halloween Slots

Halloween is upon us!

Here at Play’n GO, we love a good scare! Halloween means something different to everyone – that’s why every one of our Halloween slots brings something new to this season of spooks. To celebrate the hair-raising holiday season, we’re exploring some of our favourite spooky slots from over the years.

With countless cobweb-coated thrill rides to choose from, we hope you came prepared. Whether it’s vampires, zombies, shapeshifters, ghosts or ghouls taking over the reels, be prepared for lots of tricks and plenty of treats.

Proceed with caution…


Play'n GO, Happy Halloween

This one’s no trick – it’s a reel treat!

In the popular online slot Happy Halloween players will enjoy a thrilling trick-or-treat adventure illuminated by grinning Jack o' Lanterns and haunted houses. Taking to the streets alongside the Grave family, players will seek out only the best treats this Halloween.

Players will creep along five reels and activate up to 50 paylines in search of these tasty treats in the form of some fantastic bonus features. Happy Halloween features phantoms that stack on any reel to help players increase their total treats. Jacky the Wild Jack o' Lantern helps carve out prize-winning combos.

So, grab your costume and trick-or-treat bag, and get ready for a delectable night of sweet spooks!


Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness

Venturing into a strange old bookstore Alice Cooper finds a tome of mysterious origin and unknown power – but the pages are blank. Now, drawn to fill in the blank pages, Alice has discovered that other versions of him and his adventures are appearing on other pages.

He must journey through a series of spooky alternate realities while trapped within the bookstore. During his frantic journey through multiple strange worlds, this legend of rock must navigate his way through many trials and tribulations to escape and return home.

Alice must traverse The Insane Asylum, The Dungeon, The Chamber of Horrors and The Temptation Room – all with their own reel-busting features – to finally break free from his chains.


Lordi Reel Monsters

Lordi are planning a reel-busting rock rampage.

Featuring the hellish leader of the band Mr. Lordi, drummer Mana, bass player Hiisi and keyboard wiz Hella – Lordi is here to make some noise! This ragtag band of demons, fallen deities, and experiments-gone-wrong, will help players to spin the reels and welcome in the a-rock-alypse.

This 7x7 grid slot sees the band tasked with wreaking havoc across the reels as Mr. Lordi continues his preparations to crush his enemies with the power of his band’s ferocious tunes. Each member has their own unique ability, meaning there are numerous ways to unlock potential wins across the reels. Pick between new Lordi songs in the Free Spins for a rockin' experience that’s out of this world.

Raise the horns of rock and get ready for the demonic danse macabre. And don’t forget to click here to find out more about Mr. Lordi and his band.


Play'n GO, Annihilator

Another fiery slot where music and spooky thrills are combined.

This classic video slot is focused on the Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator. Kitted out with a carefully curated soundtrack of Annihilator’s greatest hits, this game really brings the noise.

Enter this house of fun where there are plenty of tricks and treats hidden in the shadows.

Annihilator member Jeff Waters takes to the reels along with some classic horror motifs that the world of rock is renowned for. Spin this 5-reel slot and earn some thrilling bonus features throughout the game. The In Command and Fun Palace features help unlock a wide array of prizes and increase the chances for larger winning combinations.

If there’s one thing for certain, this game really strikes a chord with fans of thrash metal.


Play'n GO, Cat Wilde and the Pyramids of Dead

This title sees the tenacious Cat Wilde embarking on another grand adventure on the hunt for lost treasures buried in the forbidden tombs of Egypt.

As the daughter of the legendary Rich Wilde, Cat has made a name for herself making use of her natural aptitude and skills as well as the talents passed down by her father.

The series’ signature Expanding Symbol returns. Landing three Scatters triggers the Jackpot, Free Spins or Instant Prize feature, meaning there are more ways to secure potential wins and aid Cat Wilde on her prize-filled pyramid quest.

Looking for more Halloween slots?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top five Halloween slots from last year if you’re craving even more scares!




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