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Reactoonz return with their biggest adventure yet!

27 January 2022 - Play’n GO are back with another out-of-this-world Reactoonz title with a new dynamic twist.

You may have thought the Reactoonz story had come to an end... Oh no, it’s only just begun. We know the story of Dr Toonz and his creations, but things are starting to get a little out of hand. The Reactoonz appear to be growing, but the problem is, nobody knows why. Not even their creator.

You may be familiar with Play’n GO’s every-growing collection of Dynamic Payways titles where symbols split to create more active paylines for players to win with. But Gigantoonz is different, this title features Dynamic Cluster Payways.

Dynamic Cluster Payways work by complementing gameplay where the goal is pattern matching and quickly identifying where clusters are and anticipating where they will land after cascading happens.

Players can also unlock Mega Symbols (each Mega Symbol counts as one symbol) to increase their win. Players need a cluster of five or more to win with a Mega Symbol. When the cluster is cleared the Mega Symbol will leave behind a Wild.

If there is nowhere for the Mega Symbol to fall due to its size, it duplicates itself to fill the space creating even more ways to win. The same applies to Gargantoon who with this feature players could end up with a whole grid of!

Like the other games in this series, a vivid colour palette bursts to life on the grid with quirky characters that continue to entertain us. It’s just fun.

Head of Games, Charlotte Miliziano said:

The Reactoonz are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do we have an epic narrative, but it gives us the scope to develop new ways to use Dynamic Payways to entertain players with innovative features.

“The introduction of Gigantoonz has shown that the Reactoonz are continuing to grow and there’s no sight of them stopping.




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