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Reels and races at the Derby Wheel!

Play'n GO Derby Wheel online slot

9 June 2022 - Derby Wheel is a day at the races meets game show flair in a 3D gaming experience from Play’n GO.

Sports fans and game show enthusiasts are in for a treat with Derby Wheel. This innovative online slot combines an eclectic blend of elements from classic fruit machine style games with the excitement of a day at the races, not to mention a touch of gameshow sparkle.

The aim is to get three Wheel symbols on the reels to take you through to the Bonus Wheel which will show various Multipliers plus the Horse Racing Bonus Feature.

Should you land on the Horse Racing icon, the game will then take you through to the Bonus Feature where a 3D horse race is about to commence, and players have four options to pick from:

‘No Bet’ where players can skip the race and gain an x40 Multiplier, ‘Win’ where the player can pick which they think will be the winning horse (each horse has fixed odds) to win up to x800 their bet. ‘Exacta’ lets the player choose who they think will come first and second, in order, to win x1800 their bet. And finally, ‘Trifecta’, where the player can choose who they think will come first, second and third, in order, to win x2800 times their bet.

Visually stunning, Derby Wheel has the flash of a game show with the 3D virtual horse race which features mechanical-style horses where the level of detail is quite extraordinary.

The innovation in this game is something to be admired. Horse racing has been seen in the industry before, but never like this. Play’n GO have leapt over the competition with a 3D virtual horse race that the player can see gallop before their eyes.

Head of Games at Play’n GO, Charlotte Miliziano said:

‘Pushing ourselves to the next level is what we do, it’s in our nature.

‘We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to a variety of clients, operators and players and we do this by adding the same amount of dedication to originality, detail and innovation in every game and we’ve really pushed ourselves with Derby Wheel. With just one click a virtual horse race unfolds – I couldn’t be prouder of the team, what an achievement.’




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