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Bingo Play'n GO: A Winning Card

Bingo is very popular in Latin America, especially in markets like Mexico and Brazil that not only have a tradition of bingo halls, but are also markets that have a combined population of over 300 million people, which is a huge player base. Close to these two big markets are several other countries with a strong bingo culture, such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Chile.

The online market is flooded with bingo providers given the popularity of the game. So before entering a new market segment like this, it was essential to ask ourselves as a brand “can we deliver a real differentiator?” And the answer is a resounding yes! For 14 years we have provided the industry with innovative and captivating slots that continue to dominate markets and captivate players around the world. Our methods and experience in creating quality entertainment means we know how to analyze the market, we know how to satisfy players and deliver new ways to entertain the community.

Players around the world know the stories and characters we have created and we have conclusively proven this with real market data, for example when we release sequels to already successful titles, the response is impressive. Players recognize what we have to offer and know that seeing the Play'n GO name means they're getting the quality they're looking for. Therefore, combining an entertaining game like bingo, with themes that people have already participated in, is a surefire formula for success.

We already have several Bingo titles in our award-winning content portfolio: classic hits like Park Bingo, Hot Bingo, Flying Pigs, Flex Game, to name a few. For the future we have a very exciting roadmap that includes some exciting new bingo titles for the market. For example, in the next few weeks, we will be adding two new games to our Bingo list.

The first is Rainforest Magic Bingo. This is a video bingo game in which you can easily play up to four bingo cards at the same time. The game is packed with features to add to the game's appeal, including the opportunity to purchase extra balls, and TWO bonus features, allowing players to choose a prize or win an instant mystery prize. The game is based on our successful slot Rainforest Magic, released in 2019.

Our second title is Sweet Alchemy Bingo. This title also comes with the ability to play up to 4 cartolas and the ability to buy extra balls. There is also a bonus feature (Elixir of Power) and a Progressive Jackpot; this one is also based on one of our popular titles: Sweet Alchemy.

Combining new games within the bingo format with games already known and loved by the audience, it gives our games a greater reach, attracting with its innovation a larger audience of bingo players and also those who are already fans of our games and our brand.

Gaming is evolving, markets are growing and maturing and bingo is part of that. New generations of gamers want new and interesting ways to play. At Play'n GO we are constantly trying to innovate the game and stay ahead of expectations; this way we can anticipate the market and give people what they want. Things are changing; it's time to move on.




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