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Check out Play’n GO’s Top 10 animal slots

Play'n Go Animal Slots

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! That’s how the saying goes, right? Animal slots are hugely popular in the world of online slots (we mean, what’s not to love?). That’s why we have an entire jungle of animal-themed slots full of vibrant characters from the depths of the sea to the vast savannah plains. If you like animal-themed games, then you’re going to love our Top 10 animal slot list. Keep reading to find out more!


This Dynamic Payways title is packed with heat from the very first spin. Gameplay is much like our other animal-inspired games, Win-A-Beest, Fire Toad and 24K Dragon.

A herd of Wild Buffalo in the snow Plains were minding their own business when a huge meteor struck Earth. But this was no ordinary meteor. Caught in the fiery blaze, the herd was charged with an unexpected power. A power that if harnessed could be the key to blaze a trail to greatness.

The buffalo theme is a classic, combined with the epic number of Dynamic Payways this game creates – 12,348 to be exact – makes for sizzling gameplay.


If you’re looking for a walk on the wild side, a trip to the African Plains may be just what you need. Enter, Safari of Wealth.

A haven of treacherous terrains, only the most resilient of animals survive. None are hardier than the mighty Wildebeest.

Full of choices to shape the outcome of the game, interactive, innovative and immersive in equal measure. The Instant Prize feature brings forward a fun pick and click game where matching the hidden characters will reveal an awesome prize. During Free Spins, you get to choose the size of the grid that the game plays out on, opening the opportunity of a mammoth 7776 ways to win. Told you this game is a wild ride.


The Miner and his donkey, Trouble, find themselves in a spot of bother in this explosive game.

Having finally reached the gold mine, Miner and his donkey, Trouble, find themselves separated from each other! In order to escape Trouble must kick down the exit while Miker picks at the entrance. But there’s no harm in collecting some gems along the way, right?

Perfect for grid slots lovers, this game uses Destruction features in the form of collecting three Dynamite Scatters offset the theme of the game beautifully as symbols explode on the screen right before your eyes.


Another game we can’t help but get fired up about! Fire Toad is all about evolution from the narrative concept to the way the game plays out.

The island of Hawaii is a mystical place, lava from the mighty snakes its way to the crystal blue waters, the home of the Fire Toad.

Fans of Win-A-Beest and Eye of Horus will love this game. Toads upgrade during Free Spins so you can see them evolve from tiny tadpoles to mighty Fire Toads!


This boisterous Bull certainly lives up to his stereotype in this smashing game!

After a shopkeeper purchases a Bull as a promotional tool to ring in the New Year, she soon discovers the true meaning behind a bull in a China shop...

The Bull acts as a Wild and bursts onto the symbols to create the feeling of chaos and stampeding across the reels. The Free Spins features a choice, pick how the game plays out by choosing from the Happy Bull Spins, the Proud Bull Spins, or the Angry Bull Spins.

Crash. Bang. Wallop! What a game.


Take a trip down the rabbit hole into the mad world of Wonderland!

Join the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit in a wonderful adventure. But don’t be late! Unless you want to lose your head that is...

This beautiful game immerses you in the Wonderland fantasy. The Rabbit Hole Bonus introduces you to the White Rabbit who lets you pick which rabbit hole to dive into, choose The Teacup Party, The Tower, The Cheshire Cat or The Queen’s Army (gulp!).


Wildebeest stampede across the reels as they charge the African Plains.

Popular from the get-go, this game is a favourite among all of our online slots as well as our animal slots.

This throw-back to classic Buffalo-style games features a new twist in this fast-paced game. Expanding Reels and a hectic Beest Mode when the Wildebeest trample the reels work together to enhance the action for entertainment in every spin.


Dive to the depths of the deep blue see in this nautical adventure.

The giant octopus is the keeper of treasure lost at sea. You may have the key, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get past this beastie.

Fast-paced, this animated game is a joy from the very first spin. Follow the story of lost treasure as the octopus lies in wait at the back of the reels and tentacles reach out to stop anyone who tries to unlock the chest!


We all had a Piggy Bank that we could help but fight the urge to crack into...

At Piggy Bank Farm all the farm animals work together on the reels in this humorous game.

The classic cartoonish style of this game lends itself to the theme beautifully, animals act as high paying symbols on the reels as they race from spin to spin. This game is full of goals, including the Piggy Bank Prize symbol, the Mega Piggy Bank symbol and the opportunity for a x10 Multiplier during the Free Spins round.


Calling all cat lovers!

Are you a cat or a dog person? If your answer is 100% fabulous felines, then this game is right up your street. These are the cats that got the cream as they race on the reels. Who’d have thought cats playing dress up would make for such a fun game?

The game takes place in the middle of a medieval re-enactment! Fury Reels, Feline Wilds and Free Spins take over the reels for a fast-paced game that’s simply purr-fect (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).






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