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Check out our Ancient Egypt games

We have to admit, at Play’n GO we LOVE an Ancient Egypt themed game.

The art team get to play with opulent visuals, the audio designers get the create mesmerising music and the writers get to craft divine and more often than not spectral stories.

If you love travelling to the sands of the Ancient Egyptians, keep reading.

Pharaohs, pyramids and prophecies

These games encapsulate the opulence of what it was like to be worshipped as a Pharoah of Ancient Egypt and what it was like to have the favour of the gods on your side.

Legacy of Egypt

Play'n GO Legacy of Egypt online slot

Travel to the sands of Ancient Egypt where fortunes of pharaohs past lie in wait.

In a time of dynasties and deities, the length of the Nile is veiled in magic, mysticism and secrets.

Discover the secrets of Cleopatra and the fortune of Anubis in this beautiful game.

Eye of Atum

Play'n GO Eye of Atum online slot

Dare you travel to ancient times where the lands of Egypt were ruled by mighty gods?

Atum harnesses unimaginable power. Are you worthy of his fortune?

Dawn of Egypt

Play'n GO Dawn of Egypt online slots

Journey back to the beginning of Ancient Egypt civilisation with the all-powerful Sun God Ra by your side.

Fortune favours those in Ra’s wake.

Golden Osiris

Play'n GO Golden Osiris online slots

In ancient times, there was a legend that the God Osiris turned beams of light from the sun into solid blocks of gold.

And with those golden blocks, he built a legendary tomb.

It can be all yours… If you're lucky enough to find it.

Sisters of the Sun

Play'n GO Sisters of the Sun online slots

The all-powerful descendants of the Sun God Ra, Sekhmet, Hathor and Bastet, each possess unique gifts that harness the power of the sun, bringing light and fortune to the favoured!

Will fortune favour you?

The Dead Series

Since Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead opened, there have been many adventures

follow in our spooky slot series.

Rise of Dead

Play'n GO Rise of Dead online slots

Descend into the secret tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs and see if you can uncover the Book of Thoth.

Pharaohs Rameses, Thutmose and Amenhotep guard the reels, we hope you’re not squeamish as they’ll be a few scarab beetles along the way!

Legacy of Dead

Play'n GO Legacy of Dead online slots

Having opened the Book of Dead, the spirit of a Rameses was set free.

His desire to rule and acquire riches beyond even the gods’ imagination did not desist in the afterlife.

Scroll of Dead

Play'n GO Scroll of Dead online slots

There is a legend of an ancient scroll written by the God of Fate, Shai.

Those who lay their hand on the scroll will be destined for fortune.

Will you unlock the Scroll of Shai?

Ghost of Dead

Play'n GO Ghost of Dead online slots

Trapped in a canopic jar, the spirit of a great Pharoah escapes and walks the earth alongside mortals gifting riches along the way.

Spectral Scatters, snakes and scarab beetles haunt the reels. Only the bravest souls will make it.

Secret of Dead

Play'n GO Secret of Dead online slots

The Scroll of Shai has been uncovered, revealing a path to unimaginable treasures that have been hidden for centuries.

The secrets of these ancient riches are now within reach.

Charlie Chance

Charlie Chance and the Curse of Cleopatra

Play'n GO Charlie Chance and the Curse of Cleopatra online slots

The third Charlie Chance game sees Charlie in Ancient Egypt. When exploring tunnels, Charlie takes a wrong turn and stumbles upon the resting place of Cleopatra (she is less than pleased to be awoken).

Charlie has really done it this time…




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