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Top Alien Slots: Do you want to believe?

Are you a truth-seeker searching to play demo slots for free? Scan the skies for signs of alien life in these top slots below.

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With reports of strange things in our skies ramping up over recent years, the topic of UFOs and aliens has never been more in the limelight. But sci-fi movies, books and games have long flirted with the idea of extraterrestrial beings coming down to planet Earth, whether that’s as invaders, diplomats, or infiltrators. Whether this topic is entirely fictitious or there is more truth to it than some might believe, it’s safe to say that many of us love to think about the possibility of life from other planets visiting ours.

Here at Play’n GO, we’ve curated some of our best alien-themed slots to satisfy your imagination, so get ready to be beamed up and take them for a spin for free!

One of the greatest fears of those that ponder the existence of others beyond our home are that they won’t come in peace. Unfortunately for Sin City, that’s exactly the case! Spacecraft have appeared, and they’re Invading Vegas!

These little green men have seen the bright lights and heard the tales of thrills and vice and have decided to make it their stomping ground for a night of revelry, chaos, and hopefully some big wins! With features including Stacked Wilds and Free Spins, this is surely going to be a night to remember for these interplanetary invaders.

Invading Vegas screenshot

Invading Vegas: Las Christmas (coming soon)

After their last successful venture to Earth, these aliens have chosen to come back and spend the holidays here as well. But this time there’s a problem. They’ve accidentally collided with Saint Nick’s sleigh and have all but ruined Christmas! Feeling guilty for putting Santa out of action this year, they’ve agreed to help save Xmas instead of staging another invasion.

Invading Vegas: Las Christmas is filled with features just like Santa’s sleigh. Walking Wilds, Free Spins, and the Lock On Re-spin mode will help you and your new alien pals make this Christmas out of this world.

Invading Vegas: Las Christmas Screenshot

Gargantoonz (coming soon)

The infamous Dr Toonz has finally done it. After bioengineering many impressive creatures while hidden away in his secret laboratory, he has finally created a one-eyed Gargantoon, the first of its kind. Dr Toonz is hoping to introduce this new alien creature into the Reactoonz society and generate unimaginable riches! But, of course, more testing must be done first.

Fill the Experiment Charger with 20 winning symbols and prepare for one of three to begin. With the Gamma Ray, Black Hole, or Supernova experiments fully charged, the grid will begin changing, increasing win potential with their chaotic and exciting results, including Sticky Wilds and Moving Wilds being added to the grid. So, grab your safety goggles and labcoat and get ready to help Dr Toonz with his most important experiments yet!

Gargantoonz screenshot

In his early days, Dr Toonz created the super-charged Reactoonz. With some scientific manipulation, Dr Toonz took the alien Energoonz species and helped them to evolve. This symbiotic relationship allowed the Energoonz to become much more powerful, and in turn made Dr Toonz very wealthy!

It’s your job to help create winning combinations across the testing grid, allowing you to utilise the power of these energy-filled aliens to charge Dr Toonz prototype Gargantoon. When filled with enough power, the Gargantoon can use his immense abilities to create a chain reaction across the grid to create some big wins. Prepare yourself to take part in this true eureka moment in Reactoonz!

Reactoonz Screenshot

Iron Girl needs your help to rid the universe of an evil crime syndicate before they enact their nefarious plans. Encapsuled in her powerful Iron Armour, this metal maiden of war is ready to wreck those plans for good. Join Iron Girl in a battle against the vile alien criminals, Quake, Shia, Slith and Thunder, and bring peace and prosperity to the universe.

On each spin you’ll be able to ‘capture' a villain along with any Wilds that pop up, triggering a re-spin. Every re-spin that results in another matching Villain or Wild being added to your reels, retriggers even more spins until no more Villains or Wilds are added. Are you ready to do the right thing? Then suit up and get ready to fight the forces of evil.

Iron Girl Screenshot

Captain Xeno’s last job didn’t exactly go to plan and they’re now making an emergency landing on this big blue planet! These voyaging vagabonds will be forever in your debt should you help them make repairs in time to escape the law.

Each member of the crew has their own area of expertise, but they’ll need some extra hands to get things fixed up on time. Features you might experience during this time-sensitive mission include Electric Shock, Emergency Wilds, and the all-important Engine Recharge. Each of these features help to progress the repairs on the ship. Do you have what it takes to help these pirates? They’re sure to be very grateful for your help and you might even find a share of loot coming your way!

Captain Xeno's Earth Adventure Screenshot

Help these robust robots save another planet, and the alien life that inhabits it, from certain doom! Filled with exotic and endangered critters and rare and precious elements, Sparky and Shortz must work hard to prevent catastrophe or save as many creatures as they can.

Join the cause and help out by making use of the many handy features on offer, such as the powerful Boost Meter as well as four distinct Feature Wilds. These wilds include Mega symbols and random Wilds being scattered across the grid. And, if you collect four charges by gathering four Feature Wilds, you can watch Sparky himself transform into Wild Sparky, for even more chances of this being a successful rescue mission.

Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules screenshot

With all these exciting alien escapades at hand, it’s hard not to wonder what is really out there. Are you ready to seek the truth and try out these alien slots?Then don’t forget to demo online slots for these exciting extraterrestrial slots above or visit Play’n GO to play free online slots across their full library of games.




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