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The Characters in Arthurian Legend: An Ultimate Guide

Combine romance, epic battles for the throne, and a touch of magic, and you'll have all the ingredients for an Arthurian Legend. Check out the characters you'll find in Play'n GO's Arthurian Legend slots below.

Play'n GO's Arthurian Legend online slot collection.

Join forces with Merlin the wizard to cast spells from the tower or lead King Arthur's army into battle. For the fearless, venture into the enchanted forests where The Green Knight awaits unsuspecting travellers. For the romantics out there - embark on a quest for true love with Lancelot.

This band of iconic characters is full of rich lore and unique slot abilities that must be etched into scripture. Take a trip to Camelot as we read on and immerse ourselves in some epic Arthurian Legend lore.


Play'n GO's online slot The Green Knight.

Appears in

Powers and Abilities

Shield Spins
Wild Multipliers
Mighty Free Spins

Little is known about The Green Knight outside his brooding jade armour and fabled battle skills. The Emerald Warrior's story is one of chivalry, perseverance, and triumph. Few can defeat him in battle, thanks to his bewildering Shield Spins and high Multiplier abilities.

Only Sir Gawain bested him in combat, as the two warriors battled valiantly, where Sir Gawain emerged victorious thanks to his x100 Multiplier Wild Shield powers. Still, with only one loss on his almost impenetrable record, The Green Knight is easily among the most powerful in recorded Arthurian Legend history.

Sir Gawain is one of the most renowned Knights in King Arthur’s battalion. Never one to back down from a fight – Sir Gawain holds the prestigious mantle of besting the mysterious Green Knight in battle – thanks to his expert weapon skills and x100 Multiplier Wild abilities grafted to his Shield!


Play'n GO's online slot The Sword and the Grail

Appears in

Powers and Abilities

Diamond Scatters (in Diamonds of the Realm)
Expanding Wilds (in Clash of Camelot)
Excalibur Scatters (in The Sword and the Grail)

King Arthur is the noble King of Camelot who’s prophesied as the hero to pull the sword from the stone. Often accompanied by his brave Knight of the Round Table and Merlin – Arthur has had many legendary adventures.

In Diamonds of the Realm, Arthur uses his dual-sword banner Wild to turn the tide of battle across the reels. Equally, Arthur’s victory also secured him Diamond Scatters which he used to bargain his way towards mighty Excalibur Scatters in The Sword and the Grail and trusty Expanding Wilds in times of crisis during the events of Clash of Camelot.


Play'n GO's online slot 15 Crystal Roses: A Tale of Love.

Appears in

Powers and Abilities

The Crystal Rose Scatter
The Love Wild
The Blue Vase

Princess Elaine is a key figure in Arthurian Legend lore. With an unrequited love to Sir Lancelot, Princess Elaine wants love not war – but if it comes to it, she’ll use her abilities and show her foes who’s boss.

Princess Elaine takes centre stage in 15 Crystal Roses: A Tale of Love and utilises her powerful Crystal Rose Scatter to create a pathway to unlock the Free Spins and powerful rewards. Coupled with her high-paying Blue Vase and Love Heart Wild – she dominates the reels with ease!



Play'n GO's upcoming online slot Sword and the Grail Excalibur.

The Sword and the Grail – Excalibur is coming soon. If you're excited about this slot sequel and want more Arthurian Legend action, why not sharpen your sword and revisit the original too?

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